This book is a timely reference text that highlights the role of vaccination in the fast-growing aquaculture industry. It discusses topics such as vaccine formulation, vaccine delivery, and enhancing the immune response of fish using nanoparticles. Information related to vaccine safety, ethical approval, and regulations is also discussed, together with dissemination of vaccines to fish farms across the globe. This cutting-edge book presents novel strategies to meet the growing demand for vaccines in finfish aquaculture. This book is useful to students, academics, clinicians, and professionals in the field of fisheries sciences, aquaculture, and veterinary sciences.

part Section IV|61 pages

Technological Advancements and Efficacy of Fish Vaccination

part Section V|50 pages

Vaccines in Aquaculture

chapter 12|19 pages

Fish Vaccination

How Close Are the Fish Farmers?

chapter 13|19 pages

Development of Fish Vaccines

Challenges and Future Perspectives

chapter 14|8 pages

Fish Vaccine

From Field to Development