Constructional Engineering and Ecological Environment contains papers presented at the 4th International Symposium on Architecture Research Frontiers and Ecological Environment (ARFEE 2022, Guilin, China, 23–25 December, 2022). With a focus on hot research topics and difficulties in construction technology and ecological environment, this book provides the latest research results on a variety of topics:

  •  building structure
  • civil engineering
  • seismic technology
  • ecological environment repair

The book is aimed at engineers, scholars and researchers in construction, structural engineering and environmental sciences.

part |144 pages

Building structure and civil engineering seismic technology

chapter |6 pages

Analysis on lateral behavior of viscoelastic damping horizontal corrugated steel shear wall

ByFengchen Li, Xiaotong Peng, Chen Lin

chapter |6 pages

Restaurant architecture design of reuse of railway sleeper materials: Wumi Congee (Congee Shop) in Panyu Guangzhou

ByQiang Tang, Yile Chen, Liang Zheng, Junzhang Chen

chapter |7 pages

Research on seismic performance of new assembled semi-rigid beam-column joints

ByQianwen Han, Ziming Fan, Chaohao Wang, Xiangran Ren

chapter |7 pages

Research on load test of long-span continuous rigid frame bridge

ByZailin Qiu, Bingwei Liu, Xijian Liang

chapter |6 pages

Segmentation and modeling method of building structure point cloud based on BIM model

ByGuilin Zhang, Yang Han, Lijie Meng, Dong Wei, Yanhui Yang

chapter |5 pages

Numerical simulation of hydration and microstructure evolution of steam-cured cement paste

ByChao Zou, Xin Bai, Jiahui Zhu, Saifei Zheng

chapter |9 pages

Key technologies for rapid retrofit of urban bridges with confined spaces

ByXimeng Sun, Yanhui Cao, Jinhua Ye, Rui Ma

chapter |6 pages

Research and application of construction method for long span steel-concrete composite beam bridge

ByTingting Sun, Jingnan Yang, Zhiliang Jing, Shengjun Zhou

chapter |6 pages

Ancient buildings and culture empowering Island development

ByWenhui Fei, Jie Yang, Xiaomin Huang, Yun Shen, Waner Li

chapter |5 pages

Obtaining geometric parameters of complex bridges based on 3D laser scanning

ByGuilin Zhang, Lijie Meng, Sheng Yuan, Huipeng Gao, Guangguang Dong

chapter |6 pages

Study on mechanical property of glass fiber sleeve reinforced bridge pile foundation

ByRui Wang, Xinlei Chen, Shigang Luo, Yujun Cai, Fengning Li, Bo Wu

chapter |8 pages

Research and analysis of airworthiness of civil and military airport runway pavement and treatment measures

ByJixiang Su, Gang Yi, Fang Lin, Wei Zhao, Danze Wu, Shuaituan Tian

part |161 pages

Ecological environment repair and green development

chapter |12 pages

Degradation characteristics and mechanism of tetracycline hydrochloride from waste red brick

ByShuying Song, Haiyan Sun, Xue Zhang, Ting He, Yuying Wang, Qian Mo, Chengrui Zhuo

chapter |6 pages

Regional disparities and evolution trends of maize green total factor productivity in China

ByYakun Wang, Jingli Jiang, Dongqing Wang, Xinshang You

chapter |6 pages

Research status of low concentration fluoride wastewater treatment process

ByJiewen Zheng, Ying Fu, Yanting Yang, Xi Tian

chapter |6 pages

Effect of different conditions on mechanical properties of geopolymer mortar at low temperature

ByLv Yan, Jiang Bo, Wang Zhihang, Wang Tengjiao, Xia Wei, Qin Lijun

chapter |10 pages

Systematic analysis of PMV and SET* in an imagined normal environment

ByXiaodan Huang, Yi Xun, Cheng Zhao, Yixuan Peng, Wenzhi Guo

chapter |7 pages

Habitat improvement of waterbirds in LianHua Beach in Xixi Wetland

ByLin Chen, Ziming Wang, Kekan Yao, Lei Hua, Congcong Zhang, Aiju You

chapter |8 pages

Analysis of the factors influencing the flexural strength of steel slag eco-type ultra-high performance concrete

ByJieling Ma, Xianyuan Tang, Jie Luo, Binbing He

chapter |7 pages

Research on wind avoidance and attitude adjustment of photovoltaic tracking bracket under wind load

ByZhiwen Guo, Lirong Huang, Wen Liu, Sen Liu, Ning Zhang, KunHao Yan

chapter |7 pages

State-of-the-art report on the photocatalytic degradation of automobile exhaust on asphalt road

ByZhongxin Ma, Li Chen, Yidong Xu, Jinting Wu

chapter |9 pages

Study on construction technology of typical rural houses in Baoan Town, Shaanxi, China

ByZhihong Li, Xianming Huang, Duo Yuan, Yingying Ma

chapter |7 pages

Prediction of landslide deformation trend of a substation access road based on time-series InSAR

ByYang Tang, Like Huang, Songmei Lv, Jun Xiang, Xianping Zhou, Lihao Yin, Xili Yang

chapter |10 pages

Suspended sediment transport mechanism in the West shoal of Pearl river Estuary in the dry season

ByYulong Xiong, Wanhua Yuan, Meixuan Li, Shaobo Wang