This book explores the emergence of artificial intelligence blended with financial concepts as a promising new area in business and technology—financial technology, or fintech.

The book introduces the very relevant concepts of fintech, its financial derivatives, management information systems, and artificial intelligence and provides tools to find solutions to complex problems in the finance and investment domain. The case studies provide firsthand knowledge of real problems faced by the industry and highlights the thought processes in resolution of complex problems.

Topics address the global adoption of fintech, fintech disruptions in the financial sector, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase the effectiveness of financial trading algorithms, fintech in retail banking and risk management, inbound marketing as well as internal marketing for fintech, fintech in the international education sector, and more.

Both business professionals and those in the technical industry will find this book to be of great use. It will be quite helpful for both professionals and students in the fields of finance and artificial intelligence.

chapter Chapter 7|27 pages

global Understanding of Fintech

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Inbound Marketing for Fintech