The odontode system, which encompasses teeth and other dentine-based structures, is ancient. Odontodes are present in the oldest vertebrate fossils, dating back 500 million years, and still play an important role in the anatomy and function of living jawed vertebrates. Fossils preserve odontode tissues with remarkable nanoscale fidelity, allowing the evolution and diversification of the odontode system to be studied in deep time as well as across the diversity of living vertebrates. This synthetic volume presents an overview of odontode research by internationally leading researchers from different fields of biology..

Key Features

  • Summarizes classic and cutting-edge research devoted to the development and evolution
  • Focuses on the cellular aspects of odontogenesis
  • Documents the structural and functional diversity of odontode tissues
  • Describes the patterning mechanisms of dentitions in various vertebrate groups
  • Provides a thorough index for students


chapter 8|39 pages

The Selected Deviation

The Acquisition of In-situ Tooth Replacement by Creating a Gap to Fill