The book titled "Applications of Computational Intelligence Techniques in Communications" is a one-stop platform for the researchers, academicians, and people from industry to get a thorough understanding of the latest research in the field of communication engineering. Over the past decade, a manyfold increase in the use of computational intelligence techniques has been identified for obtaining the most optimal and timely solution to a problem. The various aspects covering the significant contribution of numerous computational intelligence techniques have been discussed in detail in this book.

Today’s era of machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) is demanding as high as possible data rate which has resulted into tremendous increased speed of communication. To match-up the pace, the computational intelligence is posing to be the most efficient and favourite tool. The book aims to cover the current technological advancements in the field of communication engineering and give a detailed prospect of computational intelligence to its readers.

This book will be a great support to the people working in the field of IoT, machine learning, healthcare, optimization, filter design, 5G and beyond, signal processing etc. The chapters included here will expose its audience to various newly introduced and advanced computational intelligence techniques applicable in communication domain. The readers will be exposed multiple interdisciplinary areas of research in communication and will get the motivation to work in collaboration with other professionals from both the academia and industry.

chapter 10|25 pages

IoT-Based WBAN

A Survey on Classification and Channel Access Techniques

chapter 11|36 pages

Internet of Things

Classification, Challenges, and Their Solutions