The fifth volume in Jenny Stanford Series on Intelligent Nanosystems, entitled Outlooking Beyond Nanoelectronics and Nanosystems: Ultra Scaling, Pervasiveness, Sustainable Integration, and Biotic Cross-Inspiration, collects global reviews on (1) the historical cross-inspiration of technologies with nature, their evolution towards nanoelectronic and nanosystem components and their sustainability; (2) new materials, techniques, and pervasive applications out of mainstream; and (3) memristor foundation and new bioengineering developments. The covered topics include ultra scaling with its limits, alternatives and prospects, superior energy efficiency and pervasiveness to non-conventional applications; the evaluation of information technology sustainability, environmental impact and life cycles; prospective fabrication techniques, materials and components, their multifunctional extensions for characterization, fabrication, high-resolution quantum sensing, energy and information storage; life science–inspired memristors and edge of chaos; and bioengineering by nanostructured hybrid smart systems.

part II|126 pages

Off the Beaten Tracks for Future Pervasive Nanosystems Technology

part III|128 pages

Inspirations from Nature and Unifying Concepts for Future (Beyond) Technologies