This outstanding text focuses on providing professionals and students working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field with the background necessary for developing of a product or process and with the necessary rigor required by federal regulatory agencies in the pharmaceutical industry. The material will enable teachers, lecturers and professors in biotechnology to prepare courses on basic concepts and applications for the purification of biotechnological products of industrial interest. These can be applied in practice, for example, with projects on purification development on an industrial scale or useful unit operations for the development of bioproducts of commercial interest.


  • Purification and development of new bioproducts and improvement of those being produced
  • Provides a background and concepts on the purification of biomolecules and with an industrial perspective
  • It allows professionals to understand the entire process of developing a biopharmaceutical or bio-food, from bench to industry in biotechnology; one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy
  • It promotes the dissemination of information in a didactic way which is of paramount importance for interdisciplinary fields
  • It enables the reader to follow step-by-step stages of the development of a new biopharmaceutical, and allows the optimization of existing processes

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|23 pages

Purification Processes

Analytical Methods and Enzyme Stability

chapter 19|19 pages

Plasmid Purification