"Designing with Photovoltaics" cover a broad range of topics related to the design of products, buildings and vehicles with integrated photovoltaic (PV) technologies including storage aspect. It enables the reader to easily design new products, buildings and vehicles through use of innovative PV products. Diverse categories of product integrated PVs are discussed including applications of solar power for mobility and building integrated systems along with design- and manufacturing-related information about solar cells. Illustrating design cases of various PV-powered products, special attention is paid to end-users and environmental aspects of PV applications. Aimed at senior undergraduates, graduates and professionals in electrical engineering, architecture, design, physics, mechanical engineering and those specifically studying photovoltaics, it

Covers the different product integrated photovoltaics (PIPV) with a focus on design and manufacturing

Presents comprehensive overview of all aspects of designing with photovoltaics

Includes product integrated PV, building integrated PV and solar powered mobility concepts

Contains real design cases showing how to design with photovoltaics

Discusses context of environmental issues and user aspects