Presenting the Proceedings of the Ergonomics Society's annual conference, the series embraces the wide range of topics covered by ergonomics. Individual papers provide insight into current practice, present new research findings and form an invaluable reference source. A wide range of topics are covered in these proceedings, including Ergonomics, Human Factors and User-Centred Design. It also features related disciplines such as Psychology, Engineering and Physiology. Particular emphasis is given to the utility of these disciplines in improving health, safety, efficiency and productivity. The 2007 Annual Conference features "Human factors at the heart of systems engineering". As well as being of interest to mainstream ergonomists and human factors specialists, Contemporary Ergonomics will appeal to all those who are concerned with the interaction of people with their working and leisure environment � including designers, manufacturing and production engineers, health and safety specialists, occupational, applied and industrial psychologists and applied physiologists.

part |8 pages

Defining Ergonomics

part |56 pages

Design — Automotive

chapter |6 pages

RULA for Motorcycles!

part |46 pages

Ergonomics and Security

part |38 pages

Ergonomics in Education

part |50 pages


part |38 pages

Occupational Health & Safety

part |78 pages

Patient Safety and Medical Ergonomics