Vitiligo is a disorder having a significant impact in dark-skinned individuals. Along with the historical, cultural, and psychological aspects of the disease the multifactorial pathogenesis of this disorder is discussed in detail with special emphasis on the newer hypotheses proposed in the causation. Descriptions of the clinical aspects of the disease are supplemented with clinical photographs covering the latest therapeutic and surgical treatment options. Nonconventional treatments such as cosmetic camouflage and tattooing are also discussed. Topics of controversy such as the role of diet, patient selection for surgery, and so on, are covered in depth.

Key Features

  • Discusses the recent advances in treatment
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Quality of life and psychological aspects covered
  • Nonconventional treatment options included with practical tips on vitiligo surgery
  • Controversial topics covered

section Section I|28 pages

The Basics of Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 1|3 pages

History and Cultural Aspects of Vitiligo

ByGeorge Millington

chapter Chapter 2|2 pages

Definition, Epidemiology, and Prevalence

ByIshmeet Kaur, Archana Singal

chapter Chapter 3|3 pages


An Indian Scenario
BySunil K. Gupta, Sandeep Kaur

chapter Chapter 4|7 pages

Basic Science

ByNeha Kumar, S.N. Bhattacharya

chapter Chapter 5|8 pages


ByDario Didona, Biagio Didona, Giovanni Paolino, Raffaele Dante Caposiena Caro

section Section II|53 pages

Clinical Profile of Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 6|2 pages

Classification of Vitiligo

ByVineet Relhan, Rubina Jassi

chapter Chapter 7|6 pages

Vitiligo Vulgaris

ByHuma Jaffar, Aditi Manu Sobti

chapter Chapter 8|3 pages

Segmental Vitiligo

ByPooja Agarwal

chapter Chapter 9|3 pages

Acrofacial Vitiligo

ByRajesh Kumar, Neetu Bhari

chapter Chapter 10|2 pages

Mucosal Vitiligo

ByA.S. Savitha, B.M. Shashikumar, Reddy R. Raghunatha

chapter Chapter 11|3 pages

Leukotrichia in Vitiligo

ByM. Ramesha Bhat, Jyothi Jayaraman

chapter Chapter 12|6 pages

Other Subtypes and Variants of Vitiligo

BySam Shiyao Yang, Emily Yiping Gan

chapter Chapter 13|4 pages

Vitiligo and Associated Comorbidities

ByVibhu Mehndiratta, Anuja Yadav

chapter Chapter 14|4 pages

Repigmentation in Vitiligo

ByBharat Bhushan Mahajan, Richa Nagpal

chapter Chapter 15.1|3 pages

Special Groups

Vitiligo and Pregnancy
ByChander Grover, Prachi Desai

chapter Chapter 15.2|5 pages

Special Groups

Pediatric Vitiligo
BySandipan Dhar, Sahana M. Srinivas

chapter Chapter 15.3|2 pages

Special Groups

Vitiligo and Immunodeficiency
ByChander Grover, Prachi Desai

chapter Chapter 15.4|3 pages

Special Groups

Vitiligo Onset in Late Age
ByChander Grover, Prachi Desai

section Section III|22 pages

Diagnosis and Assessment of Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 16|6 pages

Differential Diagnosis

ByHemant Kumar Kar, Gunjan Verma

chapter Chapter 17|3 pages

Noninvasive Tests

ByHemant Kumar Kar, Gunjan Verma

chapter Chapter 18|2 pages

Invasive Tests

ByHemant Kumar Kar, Gunjan Verma

chapter Chapter 19|2 pages

Assessment of Vitiligo

BySneha Ghunawat

chapter Chapter 20|6 pages

Quality-of-Life Measures and Psychological Aspects in Vitiligo (Counseling and Support Groups)

ByRashmi Sarkar, Shilpa Garg

section Section IV|29 pages

Topical Treatment for Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 21|8 pages

Topical Corticosteroids

ByDeepika Pandhi, Vandana Kataria

chapter Chapter 22|4 pages

Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors

ByIffat Hassan, Safia Bashir

chapter Chapter 23|5 pages

Topical Vitamin D Analogs

ByMualla Polat, Özge Uzun

chapter Chapter 24|4 pages

Newer Agents for Topical Treatment

ByDevinder Mohan Thappa, Malathi Munisamy

chapter Chapter 25|5 pages

Cosmetic Camouflage in Vitiligo

ByFeroze Kaliyadan, Karalikkattil T. Ashique, Ambika Kumar

section Section V|20 pages

Systemic Treatment for Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 26|4 pages

Oral Corticosteroids

BySanjeev Handa, Manju Daroach

chapter Chapter 27|3 pages

Other Immunosuppressive Agents in Vitiligo

BySanjeev Handa, Manju Daroach

chapter Chapter 28|4 pages

Role of Antioxidants in Vitiligo

ByMehmet Yildirim, Selma Korkmaz, İjlal Erturan

chapter Chapter 29|6 pages

Newer Agents in Systemic Treatment

ByRachita Dhurat, Shilpi Agarwal

section Section VI|26 pages

Phototherapy and Lasers

chapter Chapter 30|5 pages

UVA Therapy in Vitiligo

BySurabhi Dayal, Priyadarshini Sahu

chapter Chapter 31|6 pages

UVB Therapy in Vitiligo

BySurabhi Dayal, Priyadarshini Sahu

chapter Chapter 32|5 pages

Targeted Phototherapy

ByChristopher Tzermias

chapter Chapter 33|6 pages

Lasers in Vitiligo

ByManjunath Shenoy, Ganesh S. Pai, Anusha H. Pai

section Section VII|13 pages

Other Therapies for Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 34|3 pages

Alternative Medicine in Vitiligo Including Home Remedies

ByBela J. Shah

chapter Chapter 35|7 pages

Depigmenting Agents

ByRashmi Kumari

section Section VIII|86 pages

Surgical Treatment of Vitiligo

chapter Chapter 36|5 pages

Surgical Treatment

Patient Evaluation and Expectation Assessment
ByVenkataram Mysore, Madhulika Mhatre, Revanta Saha

chapter Chapter 37.1|9 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

ByKoushik Lahiri

chapter Chapter 37.2|9 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

Ultrathin Skin Grafting
ByImran Majid, Tasleem Arif

chapter Chapter 37.3|5 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

Suction Blister Grafting
BySomesh Gupta, Sanjay Singh

chapter Chapter 37.4|5 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

The Epidermal Harvesting System (CelluTOME™) for Stable Vitiligo Surgery
ByDebdeep Mitra

chapter Chapter 37.5|4 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

Flip-Top Transplantation Technique and Smash Grafting
ByVineet Relhan, Sudhanshu Sharma

chapter Chapter 37.6|4 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

Hair Follicle Transplantation in Vitiligo
ByKavish Chauhan

chapter Chapter 37.7|4 pages

Tissue Grafting Techniques

Jodhpur Technique
ByDilip Kachhawa

chapter Chapter 38.1|7 pages

Cellular Grafting Techniques

Noncultured Epidermal Cell Suspension
ByThurakkal Salim

chapter Chapter 38.2|4 pages

Cellular Grafting Techniques

Cultured Melanocyte Grafting
ByRavinder Kumar, Seema Rani, Naveed Pervaiz, Davinder Parsad

chapter Chapter 39|5 pages

Management of Difficult Vitiligo (Acral, Genital, Lips, Palms, and Soles)

BySanjeev Gupta, Swetalina Pradhan

chapter Chapter 40|3 pages

Microneedling in Vitiligo

ByVijay Zawar, Gayatri Karad

chapter Chapter 41|3 pages

PRP in Vitiligo

ByRajesh Kumar, Neetu Bhari

chapter Chapter 42|4 pages

Dermabrasion in Vitiligo

ByBharat Bhushan Mahajan, Shweta Sethi, Shashank Tyagi

chapter Chapter 43|4 pages

Role of Diet in Vitiligo

ByRachita Misri, Khushbu Mahajan

section Section IX|10 pages


chapter Chapter 44|4 pages

Tattooing in Vitiligo

ByGurvinder P. Thami

chapter Chapter 45|4 pages

Myths in Vitiligo

BySneha Ghunawat, Neha Dubey