This is the first practical book dedicated to the fundamental and application aspects of two major unit operations in cocoa and coffee processing, namely drying and roasting. The drying and roasting of cocoa and coffee beans play critical roles in governing the formation of flavor precursors in the early stages and also the development of flavor and aroma in the later stages during processing. Hence, qualities of the finished chocolates and coffee powder products are affected greatly by the dried and roasted beans produced.

Drying and Roasting of Cocoa and Coffee covers key topics areas ranging from post-harvest processing, equipment selection, physical and chemical changes during processing, flavor development, grading and dried product quality. The book consists of two parts with topics dedicated to the drying/roasting aspects of cocoa and coffee, respectively.


  • Provides a comprehensive review on flavor development during cocoa/coffee processing
  • Discusses the impact of processing parameters on cocoa/coffee quality
  • Presents the new trends in drying/roasting techniques and novel technology
  • Examines the concept of coffee quality in light of both paradigms: the traditional coffee and the specialty coffee grading systems

No prior knowledge of cocoa and coffee processing is required to benefit from this book, which is written for a variety of readers. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and industrial practitioners/consultants from various domains in the food and beverage industries.

chapter |20 pages

An Overview of Cocoa and the Coffee Industry

ByChing Lik Hii, Flávio Meira Borém

chapter |25 pages

Drying Principles and Practices of Cocoa Beans

ByChing Lik Hii, Abhay S. Menon, Choon Lai Chiang

chapter |16 pages

Roasting Equipment for Cocoa Processing

ByMisnawi, Ariefandie Febrianto Noor, Tunjung Sari Ariza Budi

chapter |25 pages

Flavor Development during Cocoa Roasting

BySuzannah Sharif

chapter |51 pages

The Grading and Quality of Dried Cocoa Beans

ByDarin Ashram Sukha

chapter |30 pages

Processing and Drying of Coffee

ByFlávio Meira Borém, Ednilton Tavares de Andrade

chapter |32 pages

Roasting Equipment for Coffee Processing

ByVanúsia Maria Carneiro Nogueira, Thomas Koziorowski

chapter |43 pages

Flavor Development during Roasting

ByAdriana Farah

chapter |32 pages

Quality of the Final Product and Classification of Green Coffee

ByMario Roberto Fernandez Alduenda