The EAAE/ARCC International Conference, held under the aegis of the EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education) and of the ARCC (Architectural Research Centers Consortium), is a conference organized every other year, in collaboration with one of the member schools / universities of those associations, alternatively in North America or in Europe. The EAAE/ARCC Conferences began at the North Carolina State University College of Design, Raleigh with a conference on Research in Design Education (1998); followed by conferences in Paris (2000), Montreal (2002), Dublin (2004), Philadelphia (2006), Copenhagen (2008), Washington (2010), Milan (2012) and Honolulu (2014). The conference discussions focus on research experiences in the field of architecture and architectural education, providing a critical forum for the dissemination and engagement of current ideas from around the world.

part |92 pages

Changing society

chapter 1|10 pages

Change agents in urban transformation

The case of Helsinki
ByM. Louekari

chapter 2|7 pages

Urban Regeneration Of Former Industrial Cities

A cure or a curse? The case of Ancoats conservation area in Manchester, England
ByT. Chatzi Rodopoulou, J. Hunt

chapter 3|8 pages

Transporting Transformations

A case study of built environment changed by transportation in rural China
ByXiaoyu Lin, Jia Beisi, Zhou Miao

chapter 4|6 pages

Emerging Patterns Of Change For Tomorrow’s Cities

ByD.P. Henriques

chapter 5|8 pages

Transformation Of Chinese Traditional Mountain Village In Contemporary Era

The study case of Tangdu Village in Guizhou Province
ByQian Du

chapter 6|6 pages

Smart Solutions In Urban Development:

The medium-sized cities of Bydgoszcz and Rzeszow, Poland
ByO. Gazińska

chapter 7|8 pages


The urban challenge
ByF. Ronco, A. Perino

chapter 8|7 pages

Adaptable Structures For Emerging Socio-Cultural Changes In Africa

Adaptable structures for emerging socio-cultural changes in Africa
ByDirk Donath, Bernd Rudolf, Asgedom Haile

chapter 9|7 pages

Temporary Commercial Spaces

Celebrating the ‘right to the city’
ByA. Allegri

chapter 10|8 pages

South Africa’S New Challenges

The case of Helsinki
ByM. Bodino

chapter 11|4 pages

Smartphone Application For Long-Term Urban Lifestyle And Mobility Monitoring

ByL. Sobková, H.H. Achten

chapter 12|6 pages

Neighborhood Design And Children’S Active Travel To/From School

ByJong Seon Lee, Robin Moore, Ozlem Demir

part |84 pages

Public space and the contemporary city

chapter 14|8 pages

Austerity, Subverted

ByChristakis Chatzichristou, Georgios Makridis

chapter 15|6 pages

The Guggenheim Effect And Failed Public Investment In Architecture

ByM. Baptista-Bastos, A. Lau

chapter 18|8 pages

Social And Political Agency Of Architecture: Performativity And The Contemporary Global City

ByJ. Vela Castillo, M.O. del Santo Mora

chapter 20|6 pages

Lines, Pipelines, And The Contested Space Of Transcontinental Fossil Fuel Transport

ByE.E. Moore, I.M. Volynets

chapter 22|6 pages

Indian (Public) Spaces. Transitions And Cycles

ByG. Setti

chapter 23|6 pages

The Squares In Portugal Inventory And The Creation Of Contemporary Spaces

ByC.D. Coelho, S.B. Proença, S.P. Fernandes

chapter 25|8 pages

The New Roof Spaces. The Legacy Of Le Corbusier In The Contemporary City

ByA. Como, L. Smeragliuolo Perrotta

part |38 pages

Sustainable habitat

chapter 26|10 pages

Nmeeton: Self-Sustainable Habitat For New Social Challenges

ByE. Aparo, L. Soares, M. Ribeiro

chapter 28|6 pages

Shell Performativity As A Tool For Urban Action

ByS. Vyzoviti

chapter 30|8 pages

T.E.S.S. – An Interactive Sustainability Lab

ByD.A. Kratzer

part |40 pages

Rethinking heritage

chapter 33|8 pages

Beyond The Passage: Analytical Probe Into The Emancipatory Potential Of Space

ByD. Ćorović, M. Milinković

chapter 34|8 pages

Sustainability And Design In Heritage Rehabilitation

ByA.P. Pinheiro

chapter 351|8 pages

From Monument To Embodiment

A social case for a more expansive representational strategy for architectural heritage
BySeher Erdoğan Ford

part |74 pages

Participation, social changes and inclusive design

chapter 36|8 pages

Towards An Adaptive Urbanism Beyond Hard Control: The Theories Of Johnson And Lefebvre

ByN. Abbasabadi, M. Ashayeri Jahan Khanemloo

chapter 37|8 pages

Iep Sites: Combining Planning Tools To Address Planning Uncertainty

ByM. Bylemans, N. Vallet, M. Van Acker

chapter 38|8 pages

Social Challenges Meet Architecture – From Participation To Digital Fabrication

BySusana Neves, Alexandra Paio

chapter 39|6 pages

Lifelong Learning In The Context Of Socialization And Sustainable Development

ByH. Melkonyan, O. Turchanina, A. Castelbranco

chapter 40|8 pages

Measuring Urban Ageing. Città Giardino Torino: A Resilient Archipelago For The Elderly

ByDavide Vero, Beppe Giardino

chapter 41|8 pages

Social Sustainability In Urban Context: Concepts, Definitions, And Principles

ByAsma Mehan, Farzaneh Soflaei

chapter 42|6 pages

Mind The Gaps: Are Urban Planners Defined By Generational Mindsets?

ByMaria Del C. Vera

chapter 43|8 pages

Red Light At Night To Enhance Cognitive Functioning For Society’S Special Needs Groups

ByE.V. Ellis, D.L. McEachron, E.W. Gonzalez, D.A. Kratzer

chapter 44|8 pages

Classroom Design For Children On The Autistic Spectrum

ByA. Mokhov, E.H. Steinfeld

chapter 45|6 pages

The Impact Of Patient Room Design On Airborne Hospital-Acquired Infections

ByA. Copeland, A. Sharag-Eldin

part |74 pages


chapter 46|10 pages

Quality Of Life By Design: Study Of Space Usage For Affordable Housing In Harbin, China

ByMohan Wang, Hongyuan Mei, Xuemei Zhu

chapter 50|6 pages

Dutch Experiment In Co-Creation In A Collectively Commissioned Housing Project

ByT.T. Veeger, S.J.E. Maussen

chapter 52|8 pages

Neighbourhoods With Single-Family Houses Growing Old

ByH. Müller

chapter 53|6 pages

Dwelling And Family Diversity: Analysis Of Housing Units And Households In Lisbon

ByA.S. Moreira, H. Farias

chapter 54|8 pages

Equality Of Energy Efficiency For Low-Income Housing In The Mississippi Delta

ByEmily M. McGlohn, Emily Roush-Elliott

part |74 pages

In transit-global migration

chapter 56|10 pages

Vietnamese Workforce Housing Research And Design

ByDavid Rockwood, Tran Duc Quang

chapter 57|12 pages

Knowledge Management In Post-Disaster Resettlement Housing

ByBarry Ballinger, Kapila D. Silva

chapter 59|6 pages

Refugee Shelter: Cheap, Fast, Lightweight And Sustainable

ByOlivier Chamel

chapter 61|8 pages

Integration Of Turkish Migrants In Germany: A Case Study In Polarities

By˙.I. Öz, A. Staub

chapter 62|8 pages

Architecture “With The Other 90%” – An African Story

ByMilia Lorraine Khoury

chapter 63|8 pages

Regeneration Of Barrack Complexes As Means To Sustainable Development

ByM.M. Rudnicka-Bogusz

chapter 64|6 pages

Lisbon And Brasilia: Cities And Cultural Facilities In The Face Of Globalization

BySávio Guimarães, Rachel de Castro Almeida, Patrícia Pereira

part |40 pages

Renaturalization of the city Concepts

chapter 66|8 pages

Imbricate Ecologies: Rethinking The City-Nature Relational Challenge

ByWissam Mansour

chapter 67|6 pages

Urban Biophilic Environments-A Novel Lexicon For Trans-Disciplinary Practice

ByD.S. Nicholas, Rita Truoncgao, William Char, Shivanthi Anandan

chapter 68|8 pages

Out In The Open

ByS. Morgado

part |42 pages

Sustainable environment

chapter 70|10 pages

Transdisciplinary Design Framework And A Nze Future For The City

ByConstance C. Bodurow

chapter 74|8 pages

An Autopsy Of An Environmental Tragedy: 1995 Chicago Heat Wave

ByA. Sharag-Eldin, K. Atchison, C.B. Heller, S. Gharehgozlou, H. Haji Molana, W. Lucak

part |68 pages

Waterfront, urban and landscape design

chapter 75|8 pages

The People’S Park: A Study Of The Relationship Between Design And Conviviality In Superkilen

ByMaria Beltran-Rodriguez, Madlen Simon

chapter 79|8 pages

The Ripple Effect: How Saving Yamuna River Will Save Delhi

ByGagan Ishwar, Singh Keith

chapter 82|6 pages

A City For The Eyes Of The Future – Children’S Visions Of The City

ByR. Pelayo, P. Leal, I. Machado

part |40 pages

Bottom-up initiatives and urban acupuncture