This book focuses on green and innovative wastewater treatment technologies that promote sustainability. It discusses a variety of biological, physical, and chemical treatment technologies. It covers biological processes for recovery of value-added products from wastewater and gives an overview of enzymatic hydrolysis and bioremediation of wastewater using immobilized enzyme and fungus. It offers a case study and future trends of wastewater treatment through membrane bioreactor technologies, describes advanced chemical–physical processes for recalcitrant pollutant, and emphasizes the use of low-cost materials and cost-effective treatment methods.

section I|64 pages

Innovative Biological Processes for the Recovery of Value-Added Products from Wastewater

chapter 1|22 pages

Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Waste Cooking Palm Oil by PVA–Alginate–Sulfate Immobilized Lipase

ByNor Badzilah Hasan, Tan Wei Yie, Nor Azimah Mohd Zain

chapter 3|20 pages

Optimization of Lipid Content in Microalgae Biomass Using Diluted Palm Oil Mill Effluent by Varying Nutrient Ration

ByNoor Amirah Abdul Aziz, Shreeshivadasan Chelliapan, Mohanadoss Ponraj, Mohd Badruddin Mohd Yusof, Mohd. Fadhil Md Din

section II|47 pages

MBR Technologies

chapter 4|14 pages

Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Wastewater through MBR Technologies: A Case Study on Spent Caustic Wastewater

ByNoor Sabrina Ahmad Mutamim, Zainura Zainon Noor

chapter 5|12 pages

The Outlook on Future MBR Technologies

ByRabialtu Sulihah Ibrahim, Adhi Yuniarto, Siti Nurhayati Kamaruddin

chapter 6|19 pages

Integration of Membrane Bioreactor with Various Wastewater Treatment Systems

ByChin Hong Neoh, Zainura Zainon Noor, Cindy Lee Ik Sing, Florianna Lendai Michael Mulok, Noor Salehan Mohammad Sabli

section III|65 pages

Advanced Chemical-Physical Processes for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

chapter 8|18 pages

Application of Nonthermal Plasma in the Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds from Wastewater

ByAbdullahi Mohammed Evuti, Mohd Ariffin Abu Hassan, Zainura Zainon Noor, Raja Kamarulzaman Raja Ibrahim

chapter 9|16 pages

Removal of Color Wastewater Using Low-Cost Adsorbent: A Comparative Study

ByVenmathy Samanaseh, Mohd Ariffin Abu Hassan, Zainura Zainon Noor

chapter 10|20 pages

Bioparticle Development in Constructed Wetland for Domestic Wastewater

ByMohd. Fadhil Md Din, Zaharah Ibrahim, Zaiton Abd Majid, Chi Kim Lim, Abdul Hadi Abdullah