Sport-related concussions have become an increasingly important topic as evidenced by recent media attention. Due in large part to the complex nature of concussive injuries, there is great discrepancy in the effect these injuries have on individual functioning and the type and nature of services that best facilitate recovery. This book is intended as a complete reference guide dealing with sports-related concussions.

section 1|128 pages

What is a concussion?

chapter 1|5 pages


ByIsabelle Gagnon, Scott A. Holmes, Alain Ptito

chapter 2|16 pages

Concussion revisited: A historical perspective

How has the focus on concussion evolved over the years?
ByPaul McCrory

chapter 3|55 pages

Concussion incidence, risk factors, and prevention

What is the scope of the problem?
ByAmanda Black, Paul Eliason, Declan Patton, Carolyn Emery

chapter 4|31 pages

Biomechanics of sports concussion

How do sport concussions happen?
ByBlaine Hoshizaki, Anna Oeur, Andrew Post, David Koncan, Marshall Kendall, Clara Karton, Philippe Rousseau

chapter 5|16 pages

Acute diagnosis of sports concussion

How do we identify a concussion?
ByRoger Zemek, Josh Stanley

section 2|109 pages

Managing a concussion

chapter 6|17 pages

Rest and recovery from concussion

How should rest be used in concussion management?
ByNoah D. Silverberg, Grant L. Iverson

chapter 7|10 pages

Early management recommendations

What should be done now that we know it is a concussion?
ByRoger Zemek, Josh Stanley

chapter 8|12 pages

Physiotherapy and concussion

What can the physiotherapist do?
ByKathryn J. Schneider, Isabelle Gagnon

chapter 9|29 pages

Role of neuropsychology in sport concussion

What can the neuropsychologist do?
ByVickie Plourde, Brian L. Brooks, Michael W. Kirkwood, Keith O. Yeates

chapter 10|21 pages

The role of the occupational therapist in concussion management

What can the occupational therapist do?
ByCarol DeMatteo, Nick Reed, Kathy Stazyk

chapter 11|15 pages

The role of the psychologist and psychiatrist in pediatric concussion management

What can they do for me?
ByMichael Takagi, Emma Thompson, Vicki Anderson

section 3|89 pages

Recovery and beyond

chapter 12|21 pages

Return to school

When and how should return to school be organized after a concussion?
ByGerard A. Gioia

chapter 13|22 pages

Return to work

When and how should I return to work after a concussion?
ByMichelle McKerral, Geneviève Léveillé

chapter 14|13 pages

Return to sports

When and how should I return to sports after a concussion?
ByRuben J. Echemendia

chapter 15|16 pages

How to manage persistent problems

What if I don’t recover as quickly as I expected from a concussion?
ByIsabelle Gagnon

chapter 16|13 pages

When the effects of concussions endure

What are some of the longer term consequences?
ByRobin Green, Charles Tator

section 4|100 pages

Additional considerations

chapter 17|14 pages

Team and high risk sports: The baseline model

Is it useful to measure an athlete’s abilities before the sport season?
ByGillian Hotz, Danielle Ransom

chapter 18|18 pages

On-field diagnosis and management of concussion

What should be done while I am still on the field?
ByJ. Scott Delaney, Ammar Al-Kashmiri

chapter 19|11 pages

Emerging diagnosis technology

What is coming up in terms of the use of biomarkers of concussion?
ByLinda Papa

chapter 20|32 pages

Emerging diagnosis technology

What is coming up in terms of the use of imaging technology in concussion care?
ByRajeet Singh Saluja *, Scott A. Holmes *, Jen-Kai Chen, Guido Guberman

chapter 21|22 pages

Emerging treatments

What is coming up in terms of the use of technology for treatment of concussion?
ByLisa Koski

section 5|18 pages

Putting it all together

chapter 22|4 pages

Putting it all together: The need for personalized care after concussion

ByIsabelle Gagnon, Alain Ptito

chapter 23|12 pages

Complex case studies

ByMaude Laguë-Beauvais, Alain Ptito, Isabelle Gagnon