An air conditioning system consists of components and equipment arranged in sequential order to control and maintain an indoor environment. The goal is to provide a healthy and comfortable climate with acceptable air quality while being energy efficient and cost effective. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering covers all types of systems from institutional and commercial to residential.
The book supplies the basics of design, from selecting the optimum system and equipment to preparing the drawings and specifications. It discusses the four phases of preparing a project: gathering information, developing alternatives, evaluating alternatives, and selling the best solution. In addition, the author breaks down the responsibilities of the engineer, design documents, computer aided design, and government codes and standards.
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering provides you with an easy reference to all aspects of the topic. This resource addresses the most current areas of interest, such as computer-aided design and drafting, desiccant air conditioning and energy conservation. It is a thorough and convenient guide to air conditioning and refrigeration engineering.

chapter 1|9 pages


ByShan K. Wang

chapter 2|7 pages


ByShan K. Wang

chapter 3|16 pages

Air-Conditioning Processes and Cycles

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 4|15 pages

Refrigerants and Refrigeration Cycles

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 5|7 pages

Outdoor Design Conditions and Indoor Design Criteria

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 6|11 pages

Load Calculations

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 7|11 pages

Air Handling Units and Packaged Units

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 8|12 pages

Refrigeration Components and Evaporative Coolers

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 9|8 pages

Water Systems

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 10|8 pages

Heating Systems

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 11|12 pages

Refrigeration Systems

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 12|6 pages

Thermal Storage Systems

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 13|11 pages

Air System Basics

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 14|5 pages

Absorption Systems

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 15|18 pages

Air-Conditioning Systems and Selection

ByShan K. Wang

chapter 16|10 pages

Desiccant Dehumidification and Air-Conditioning

ByZalman Lavan