From the third international workshop on the subject (U. of Florence, 1997), come 18 papers reviewing the issue of alien crayfish decimating the relatively few native species in European freshwater environments. In a historical and taxonomic context, the initial paper explains why such homogenizatio

part 1|9 pages


chapter 1|7 pages

Native and alien crayfish in Europe: An introduction

ByDavid M. Holdich, Francesca Gherardi

part 2|93 pages

Aspects of the biology of alien crayfish

chapter 2|10 pages

The introduction of alien species of crayfish in Europe: A historical introduction

ByPaula Henttonen, Jay V. Huner

chapter 3|8 pages

Life history characteristics of crayfish: What makes some of them good colonizers?

ByOssi V. Lindqvist, Jay V. Huner

chapter 4|17 pages

The negative effects of established crayfish introductions

ByDavid M. Holdich

part 3|138 pages

Case studies of alien crayfish in Europe

chapter 8|22 pages

The situation in Italy

ByFrancesca Gherardi, Gilberto N. Baldaccini, Paolo Ercolini, Silvia Barbaresi, Giorgio De Luise, David Mazzoni, Mario Mori

chapter 9|12 pages

The situation in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg

ByC.V. Arrignon Jacques, Pierre Gèrard, Ady Krier, Pierre J. Laurent

chapter 10|7 pages

Distribution of crayfish species and legislation concerning crayfish in Switzerland

ByThomas P. Stucki, Erich Staub

chapter 11|11 pages

German conservation strategies for native crayfish species with regard to alien species

ByPeter Dehus, Simon Phillipson, Erik Bohl, Birgit Oidtmann, Max Keller, Sandra Lechleiter

chapter 12|32 pages

The status of crayfish populations in Spain and Portugal

ByPedro J. Gutiérrez-Yurrita, José. M. Marténez, Miguel Á. Bravo-Utrera, Carlos Montes, Maria Ilhéu, João M. Bernardo

chapter 13|27 pages

Crayfish introductions in the Nordic and Baltic countries

ByJostein Skurdal, Trond Taugbøl, Aloyzas Burba, Lennart Edsman, Björn Söderbäck, Bjarne Styrishave, Jaanus Tuusti, Kai Westman

chapter 14|15 pages

Native and alien crayfish in the British Isles

ByDavid M. Holdich, W. David Rogers, Julian D. Reynolds

chapter 15|6 pages

The American spiny-cheek crayfish, Orconectes limosus, in the fauna of Belarus

ByAnatoly V. Alekhnovich, Sergei E. Ablov, Victor F. Kulesh, Oleg A. Pareiko

part 4|50 pages


chapter 16|26 pages

A review of possible methods for controlling nuisance populations of alien crayfish

ByDavid M. Holdich, Rolf Gydemo, W. David Rogers

chapter 17|9 pages

The future of native crayfish in Europe: How to make the best of a bad situation?

ByTrond Taugbøl, Jostein Skurdal

chapter 18|12 pages

Native and alien crayfish in Europe: Some conclusions

ByDavid M. Holdich, Hans Ackefors, Francesca Gherardi, W. David Rogers, Jostein Skurdal