This volume brings together innovative research, new concepts, and novel developments in the application of new tools for chemical engineers. It presents significant research, reporting on new methodologies and important applications in the field of chemical engineering. Highlighting theoretical foundations, real-world cases, and future directions, this book covers selected topics in a variety of areas, including:

  • chemoinformatics and computational chemistry
  • advanced dielectric materials
  • nanotechniques
  • polymer composites

It also presents several advanced case studies.

The topics discussed in this volume will be valuable for researchers, practitioners, professionals, and students of chemistry material and chemical engineering.

part |2 pages

PART II: Advanced Dielectric Materials

chapter 4|36 pages

Chemical Modification of Dielectric Elastomers

ByChris Ellingford, Chaoying Wan, Lukasz Figiel, Tony McNally

chapter 5|30 pages

Transparent Dielectric Materials

ByLuminita Ioana Buruiana, Andreea Irina Barzic, Camelia Hulubei

chapter 7|24 pages

Piezoelectric Materials for Nanogenerators

ByYunlong Zi

part |2 pages

PART III: New Insights on Nanotechniques

part |2 pages

PART IV: Polymer Composites

part |2 pages

PART V: Advanced Case Studies