Cannabis Physiopathology and Detection features an outstanding collection of contributions from leading researchers around the world. Papers were presented at the Second International Colloquium on Illicit Drugs, held at the French National Academy of Medicine in April 1992. The book reviews the latest clinical reports describing the effects of cannabis on the brain (imaging techniques, memory and psychomotor performance, cannabis, and schizophrenia), effects on reproduction (male and female), and carcinogenicity. Aspects of detection covered in the volume include methods, results of different testing groups, and legal issues associated with testing and detection.

Cannabis Physiopathology and Detection will be an important addition to the reference collections of marijuana researchers, pathologists, government agencies, medical school libraries, and drug testers.

section I|192 pages


part 1|15 pages


chapter |13 pages

General Toxicity of Cannabis

part 2|25 pages

Visualization of brain alterations

part 6|8 pages

Effects on reproductive function

section II|81 pages


chapter |6 pages

Cannabis and the Law

section III|62 pages

Detection, Identification and Testing

part |3 pages

General Conclusions

chapter |1 pages

General Conclusions