Satellite remote sensing, in particular by radar altimetry, is a crucial technique for observations of the ocean surface and of many aspects of land surfaces, and of paramount importance for climate and environmental studies. This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of the satellite altimetry techniques and related missions, and reviews the most-up-to date applications to ocean dynamics and sea level. It also discusses related space-based observations of the ocean surface and of the marine geoid, as well as applications of satellite altimetry to the cryosphere and land surface waters; operational oceanography and its applications to navigation, fishing and defense.

chapter 1|70 pages

Satellite Radar Altimetry

Principle, Accuracy, and Precision
ByPhilippe Escudier, Alexandre Couhert, Flavien Mercier, Alain Mallet, Pierre Thibaut, Ngan Tran, Laïba Amarouche, Bruno Picard, Loren Carrere, Gérald Dibarboure, Michaël Ablain, Jacques Richard, Nathalie Steunou, Pierre Dubois, Marie-Hélène Rio, Joël Dorandeu

chapter 2|42 pages

Wide-Swath Altimetry

A Review
ByErnesto Rodriguez, Daniel Esteban Fernandez, Eva Peral, Curtis W. Chen, Jan-Willem De Bleser, Brent Williams

chapter 3|36 pages

In Situ Observations Needed to Complement, Validate, and Interpret Satellite Altimetry

ByDean Roemmich, Philip Woodworth, Svetlana Jevrejeva, Sarah Purkey, Matthias Lankhorst, Uwe Send, Nikolai Maximenko

chapter 4|38 pages

Auxiliary Space-Based Systems for Interpreting Satellite Altimetry

Satellite Gravity
ByDon Chambers, Ole B. Andersen, Srinivas Bettadpur, Marie-Héléne Rio, Reiner Rummel, David Wiese

chapter 5|24 pages

A 25-Year Satellite Altimetry-Based Global Mean Sea Level Record

Closure of the Sea Level Budget and Missing Components
ByR. Steven Nerem, Michaël Ablain, Anny Cazenave, John Church, Eric Leuliette

chapter 6|20 pages

Monitoring and Interpreting Mid-Latitude Oceans by Satellite Altimetry

ByKathryn A Kelly, Joshua K Willis, Gilles Reverdin, Shenfu Dong, LuAnne Thompson

chapter 7|40 pages

Monitoring and Interpreting the Tropical Oceans by Satellite Altimetry

ByTong Lee, J. Thomas Farrar, Sabine Arnault, Benoit Meyssignac, Weiqing Han, Theodore Durland

chapter 8|26 pages

The High Latitude Seas and Arctic Ocean

ByJohnny A. Johannessen, Ole B. Andersen

chapter 9|18 pages

The Southern Ocean

BySarah T. Gille, Michael P. Meredith

chapter 10|28 pages

Ocean Eddies and Mesoscale Variability

ByRosemary Morrow, Lee-Lueng Fu, J. Thomas Farrar, Hyodae Seo, Pierre-Yves Le Traon

chapter 11|38 pages

Satellite Altimetry in Coastal Regions

ByPaolo Cipollini, Jérôme Benveniste, Florence Birol, M. Joana Fernandes, Estelle Obligis, Marcello Passaro, P. Ted Strub, Guillaume Valladeau, Stefano Vignudelli, John Wilkin

chapter 12|46 pages

Monitoring Waves and Surface Winds by Satellite Altimetry

BySaleh Abdalla, Peter Janssen

chapter 13|32 pages

Tides and Satellite Altimetry

ByRichard D. Ray, Gary D. Egbert

chapter 14|46 pages

Hydrological Applications of Satellite AltimetryRivers, Lakes, Man-Made Reservoirs, Inundated Areas

ByJean-François Cretaux, Karina Nielsen, Fréderic Frappart, Fabrice Papa, Stéphane Calmant, Jérôme Benveniste

chapter 15|18 pages

Applications of Satellite Altimetry to Study the Antarctic Ice Sheet

ByFrédérique Remy, Anthony Memin, Isabella Velicogna

chapter 16|24 pages

Advances in Imaging Small-Scale Seafloor and Sub-Seafloor Tectonic Fabric Using Satellite Altimetry

ByR. Dietmar Müller, Kara J. Matthews, and David T. Sandwell

chapter 17|34 pages

Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation in the Context of Satellite Altimetry

ByDetlef Stammer, Stephen M. Griffies

chapter 18|28 pages

Use of Satellite Altimetry for Operational Oceanography

ByPierre-Yves Le Traon, Gérald Dibarboure, Gregg Jacobs, Matt Martin, Elisabeth Rémy, Andreas Schiller