There is increasing interest in the biology of domestic animals ranging from genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, nutritional physiology, and systems biology. This book touches on all of these, with a particular focus on topics such as domestic animals as comparative models to humans, molecular regulation of growth, metabolic efficiency, reproduction, and the impact of stress on growth and development. The book concludes with a discussion on the current and future directions for researchers.

part |81 pages

Domestic Animals as Comparative Models to Humans

chapter 1|15 pages

Equine Exercise Physiology: A Historical Perspective

ByKenneth H. McKeever

chapter 3|18 pages

Growth Hormone and the Chick Eye

BySteve Harvey, Carlos G. Martinez-Moreno

part |128 pages

Molecular Regulation of Growth/Metabolic Efficiency

chapter 5|37 pages

Epigenetics and Developmental Programming in Ruminants: Long-Term Impacts on Growth and Development

ByLawrence P. Reynolds, Alison K. Ward, Joel S. Caton

chapter 6|44 pages

Molecular Physiology of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

ByClaire Fitzsimons, Mark McGee, Kate Keogh, Sinéad M. Waters, David A. Kenny

chapter 7|45 pages

Hormonal Control of Energy Substrate Utilization and Energy Metabolism in Domestic Animals

ByColin G. Scanes, Rodney A. Hill

part |28 pages


chapter 8|26 pages

Reproduction in Poultry

ByMurray R. Bakst

part |77 pages

Animal Stress and Welfare

chapter 9|25 pages

Effects of Stress on Growth and Development: From Domestication to Factory Farming

ByW.M. Rauw, L. Gomez Raya

chapter 10|50 pages

Biology of Stress in Livestock and Poultry

ByColin G. Scanes, Yvonne Vizzier-Thaxton, Karen Christensen

part |38 pages

Future Directions

chapter 11|26 pages

Nutrient Transporter GeneExpression in Poultry, Livestock and Fish

ByEric A. Wong, Elizabeth R. Gilbert, Katarzyna B. Miska