This book discusses light-based science, emphasizing its pervasive influence in science, technology, policy, and education. A wide range of contributors offers a comprehensive study of the tremendous, and indeed foundational, contributions of Ibn al Haytham, a scholar from the medieval period. The analysis then moves into the future development of light-based technology. Written as a multi-disciplinary reference book by leading scholars in the history of science and /or photonics, it covers Ibn al Haytham’s optics, LED lighting for sustainable development, global and atomic-scale time with new light sources, advanced technology, and vision science. Cutting-edge optical technologies and their global impact is addressed in detail, and the later chapters also explore challenges with renewable energy, the global impact of photonics, and optical and photonic education technology. Practical examples and illustrations are provided throughout the text.

section I|130 pages

History Guiding the Future, the Ibn al-Haytham Legacy

chapter 1|6 pages

Ibn al-Haytham's Scientific Research Programme

ByRoshdi Rashed

chapter 5|10 pages

Ibn al-Haytham: The Founder of Scientific Pluralism

ByHassan Tahiri

chapter 6|46 pages

Ibn al-Haytham: Founder of Physiological Optics?

ByVasudevan Lakshminarayanan

chapter 7|14 pages

Ibn al-Haytham's Problem

ByPierre Coullet, Roshdi Rashed

chapter 8|8 pages

Ibn al-Haytham and His Influence on Post-Mediaeval Western Culture

ByCharles M Falco

section II|74 pages

Light-Based Technologies for the Future

chapter 10|8 pages

Ibn al-Haytham's Thousand-Year Journey from Basra to Mars

ByNoureddine Melikechi

chapter 11|14 pages

Ibn al-Haytham and the International Year of Light: His Legacy

ByMohamed M El-Gomati

chapter 12|16 pages

New Short-Wavelength Pulsed Light Sources

ByMajed Chergui

chapter 13|12 pages

Lighting: From Human Evolution to Sustainable Revolution

ByHarry Verhaar

chapter 14|12 pages

Mediaeval Arab Achievements in Optics

BySameen Ahmed Khan

section III|45 pages

Optics and Photonics in the Arab and Islamic World, Education and Investment in Light Sciences and Technology

chapter 15|14 pages

Need to Create International Science Centres in Arab Countries

ByAzher Majid Siddiqui, Sameen Ahmed Khan

chapter 17|14 pages

Scientific Translation A Tool from Shadow to Light

ByAbdulaziz Alswailem

chapter 18|7 pages

Optics and Photonics Research in Lebanon: Key Figures, Ways Forward

ByMarie Abboud Mehanna