This book discusses the advanced databases for the cloud-based application known as NoSQL. It will explore the recent advancements in NoSQL database technology. Chapters on structured, unstructured and hybrid databases will be included to explore bigdata analytics, bigdata storage and processing. The book is likely to cover a wide range of topics such as cloud computing, social computing, bigdata and advanced databases processing techniques.

chapter 1|22 pages

Distributed Transaction Processing

ByRebika Rai

chapter 2|24 pages

X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing Model Using EJB and MTS

ByS. Gunasekaran, V. Bargavi

chapter 3|28 pages

Data Migration Techniques from SQL to NoSQL

ByMydhili K. Nair, Nihal Nayak, Arjun Rao

chapter 4|24 pages

Comparative Study on Mostly Used NoSQL Databases

ByK. G. Srinivasa, Nabeel Siddiqui, Abhishek Kumar

chapter 5|20 pages

NoSQL and Cloud Paradigm: Characteristics and Classification, Data Storage Technology, and Algorithms

ByAjanta Das, Anindita Desarkar, Mridul Paul

chapter 6|24 pages

A Scalable Record Linkage Technique for NoSQL Databases Using GPGPU

ByParijat Shukla, Arun K. Somani

chapter 7|16 pages

NoSQL for Handling Big and Complex Biological Data

ByAwanish Kumar

chapter 8|18 pages

Applications of Hadoop Ecosystems Tools

ByPratik Mishra, Mayank Mishra, Arun K. Somani

chapter 9|22 pages

Hadoop Ecosystem Tools and Algorithms

ByKevin Berwind, Marco Xaver Bornschlegl, Michael Kaufmann, Felix Engel, Michael Fuchs, Dominic Heutelbeck, Matthias Hemmje

chapter 10|16 pages

Big Data Management Tools for Hadoop

ByV. P. Lijo, Lydia J. Gnanasigamani, Hari Seetha, B. K. Tripathy

chapter 11|22 pages

Realization of Optimized Clustering Algorithm on RHadoop

ByPoonam Ghuli, Raksha Shenoy, Shankararama Sharma R, Rajashree Shettar

chapter 12|14 pages

Security and Privacy: Challenges and Defending Solutions for NoSQL Data Stores

BySandhya Aneja, Nagender Aneja

chapter 13|20 pages

Challenges and Security Issues of Distributed Databases

ByNeha Gupta, Rashmi Agrawal

chapter 14|20 pages

Security Issues and Privacy Challenges of NoSQL Databases

ByMohammad Samadi Gharajeh

chapter 15|20 pages

Attack Graph Generation and Analysis Using Graph Database

ByMridul Sankar Barik, Anirban Sengupta, Chandan Mazumdar

chapter 16|12 pages

Hands-On Aerospike

ByKhaleel Ahmad, Afsar Kamal

chapter 17|10 pages

Hands-On Cassandra for Windows

ByKhaleel Ahmad, Abdul Haseeb

chapter 18|8 pages

Hands-On Cloudant

ByMasroor Ansari, Khaleel Ahmad

chapter 19|14 pages

Hands-On InfluxDB

ByKhaleel Ahmad, Masroor Ansari

chapter 20|10 pages

Hands-On Redis

ByKhaleel Ahmad, Mohd Javed

chapter 21|12 pages

Hands-On RethinkDB

ByDildar Hussain, Khaleel Ahmad

chapter 22|24 pages

Hands on Neo4j: Graphs for Real-World Applications

BySiddhartha Duggirala

chapter 23|4 pages

Tutorial on MongoDB

ByPrashanta Kumar Das

chapter 24|10 pages

Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database

BySuresh Mohan, Hari Seetha

chapter 25|20 pages

Hosting and Delivering Cassandra NoSQL Database via Cloud Environments

BySkylab Reddy, Pethuru Raj