This book describes the ecosystem of the Andean watersheds, covering the Californian valley, tropical Andes, and southern Andes. Case studies of the new methods and techniques used for hydrological research in the Andes are provided, and sustainability issues pertaining to Andean water resources are discussed in the context of climate change, social and economic issues, and public policy. Furthermore, the impact of economic development on the Andean ecosystem, specifically the effect on the water cycle and the water-energy-food nexus, are examined.

chapter 1|20 pages

Competing Uses and Access to Hydrological Resources in Upstream Peasant Communities of the Cañete River Watershed, Perú

ByMaria Claudia Tristán Febres, Genowefa Blundo-Canto, Gisella S. Cruz-Garcia, Marcela Quintero, Piedad Pareja Cabrejos

chapter 2|34 pages

Socio-environmental issues related to mineral exploitation in the andes

ByDouglas Aitken, Alex Godoy-Faundez, Oscar Jaime Restrepo-Baena, Diego Rivera, Neil McIntryre

chapter 3|28 pages

Waters of Andean Indigenous Peoples

ByAmaya Álvez, Verónica Delgado, Fernando Ochoa, Carla Cid

chapter 4|18 pages

Modeling for Management

ByWendy Francesconi, Natalia Uribe, Jefferson Valencia, Marcela Quintero

chapter 5|22 pages

Mass Balance and Meteorological Conditions at Universidad Glacier, Central Chile

ByChristophe Kinnard, Shelley MacDonell, Michal Petlicki, Carlos Mendoza Martinez, Jakob Abermann, Roberto Urrutia

chapter 6|30 pages

Participatory Monitoring of the Impact of Watershed Interventions in the Tropical Andes

ByBoris F. Ochoa-Tocachi, Wouter Buytaert, Bert De Bièvre

chapter 7|14 pages

A Framework for agricultural water management support following the 2010 maule earthquake

ByRodriguez, Jenna, S.L. Ustin, Sam Sandoval Solis, Diego Rivera Salazar, Toby OGeen

chapter 8|24 pages

Hydrochemical and Tracer Monitoring to Assess Runoff Generation from Semi-arid Andean Headwater Catchments

ByA. Nauditt, A. Rusman, C. Schüth, L. Ribbe, P. Álvarez

chapter 9|26 pages

Isotopic characterization of waters across chile

ByR. Sánchez-Murillo, E. Aguirre-Dueñas, M. Gallardo-Amestica, P. Moya-Vega, C. Birkel, G. Esquivel-Hernández, J. Boll

chapter 10|23 pages

Hydrological Modeling to Assess Runoff in a Semi-arid Andean Headwater Catchment for Water Management in Central Chile

ByS. Penedo-Julien, A. Nauditt, A. Künne, M. Souvignet, P. Krause