Highlighting the major economic and industrial changes in the lubrication industry since the first edition, Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition highlights the major economic and industrial changes in the lubrication industry and outlines the state of the art in each major lubricant application area. Chapters cover the use of lubricant fluids, growth or decline of market areas and applications, potential new applications, production capacities, and regulatory issues, including biodegradability, toxicity, and food production equipment lubrication.

The highly-anticipated third edition features new and updated chapters including those on automatic and continuously variable transmission fluids, fluids for food-grade applications, oil-soluble polyalkylene glycols, functional bio-based lubricant base stocks, farnesene-derived polyolefins, estolides, bio-based lubricants from soybean oil, and trends in construction equipment lubrication.

Features include:

  • Contains an index of terms, acronyms, and analytical testing methods.
  • Presents the latest conventions for describing upgraded mineral oil base fluids.
  • Considers all the major lubrication areas: engine oils, industrial lubricants, food-grade applications, greases, and space-age applications
  • Includes individual chapters on lubricant applications—such as environmentally friendly, disk drive, and magnetizable fluids—for major market areas around the globe.

In a single, unique volume, Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition offers property and performance information of fluids, theoretical and practical background to their current applications, and strong indicators for global market trends that will influence the industry for years to come.

chapter 1|36 pages


ByLeslie R. Rudnick

chapter 2|8 pages


ByFrancesca Navarrini, Massimo Ciali, Roscoe Cooley

chapter 3|32 pages


ByStephen Boyde

chapter 4|26 pages

Neutral Phosphate Esters

ByW. David Phillips, Douglas C. Placek, Michael P. Marino

chapter 5|16 pages

Polymer Esters

ByUwe Wallfahrer, Alan Savidge, Chiara Monti

chapter 6|28 pages

Polyalkylene Glycols

ByMartin R. Greaves

chapter 7|14 pages

Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycols

ByMartin R. Greaves

chapter 8|20 pages

Alkylated Aromatics

ByShuji Luo, Suzzy C. Ho, Margaret M. Wu

chapter 9|8 pages

Polyphenyl Ether Lubricants

BySibtain Hamid, Stephen A. Burian

chapter 10|8 pages


BySibtain Hamid

chapter 11|20 pages


ByRobert H. Moffett, Jon L. Howell, Justin M. Hoerter, Alexander B. Shtarov, Claes Gustav Jannerfeldt, Stephen B. Johnston, John P. Keenan, Chad Warriner, Diane M. Closser

chapter 12|10 pages


ByH. Carl Walther, Ronald M. Epstein, Louis L. Ferstandig

chapter 13|8 pages


ByCarl E. Snyder, F. Alexander Pettigrew

chapter 14|14 pages


ByRobert Perry, Clay Quinn, Frank Traver, Kedar Murthy

chapter 15|10 pages


ByRobert E. Singler, Frank J. Gomba

chapter 16|14 pages

Dialkyl Carbonates

ByLeslie R. Rudnick, Carlo Zecchini

chapter 17|14 pages


ByClifford G. Venier

chapter 18|28 pages


ByMaryann Casserino, Yves Lambert, Anthony Simoens

chapter 19|30 pages

Chemically Modified Mineral Oils

ByH. Ernest Henderson

chapter 20|14 pages

Gas to Liquids

ByH. Ernest Henderson

chapter 21|20 pages

Comparison of Synthetic, Mineral Oil, and Bio-Based Lubricant Fluids

ByLeslie R. Rudnick, Wilfried J. Bartz

chapter 22|8 pages

Re-Refined Base Oils

ByH. Ernest Henderson

chapter 23|12 pages

Natural Oils as Lubricants

ByJoseph M. Perez, Leslie R. Rudnick, Sevim Z. Erhan, Brajendra K. Sharma, Kirtika Kohli

chapter 24|32 pages

Modified Vegetable Oils for Environmentally Friendly Lubricant Applications

ByBrajendra K. Sharma, Gobinda Karmakar, Sevim Z. Erhan

chapter 25|18 pages

Functional Bio-Based Lubricant Base Stocks

ByMary Moon, Cyril A. Migdal, Edward Brian Fox, David L. Stonecipher

chapter 26|24 pages

Farnesene-Derived Polyolefin Base Oils

ByJeff Brown, Hyeok Hahn, Lynn Rice, Paula Vettel, Jason Wells

chapter 27|16 pages


ByJakob Bredsguard, Travis Thompson

chapter 28|8 pages

Soy-Based Lubricants

Performance and Sustainability
ByRobert P. Brentin

chapter 29|6 pages

Biotechnological Improvement of Soybean Oil for Lubricant Applications

ByPeng Wang, Xiangjun Li, Edgar B. Cahoon

chapter 30|6 pages

Castor Oil and its Derivatives as Lubricants

ByDana Brilla

chapter 31|8 pages

The Biodegradability Testing of Lubricants

ByPeter Lohmann, Ben Müller, Gerhard Gaule

chapter 32|12 pages

Automotive Crankcase Oils

ByStephen C. Lakes

chapter 33|16 pages

Automotive and Diesel Crankcase Lubricants

ByEwa A. Bardasz

chapter 34|12 pages

Transmissions and Transmission Fluids

ByScott Halley, Timothy Newcomb, Richard Vickerman

chapter 35|16 pages

Automotive Gear Lubricants

ByStephen C. Lakes

chapter 36|18 pages

Industrial Gear Lubricants

ByDennis A. Lauer

chapter 37|20 pages

Off-Road and Heavy Equipment Lubricants and Lubrication

ByHind Abi-Akar, Mark Jarrett

chapter 38|16 pages

Lubricating Grease

ByPaul A. Bessette

chapter 39|16 pages

Compressors and Pumps

ByGlenn D. Short

chapter 40|22 pages

Refrigeration Lubricants

ByMark R. Baker, Michael G. Foster

chapter 41|22 pages


ByFrank-Olaf Mähling, Thomas Schimmel, Douglas C. Placek

chapter 42|18 pages

Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluids

BySaurabh Lawate

chapter 43|18 pages

Magnetizable Fluids

ByTom Black, J. David Carlson, Daniel E. Barber

chapter 44|6 pages

Vegetable Oil Based Internal Combustion Engine Oil

ByBlaine N. Rhodes

chapter 45|22 pages

Fire Resistance and Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

ByW. David Phillips

chapter 46|28 pages

Metalworking Fluids

ByWilliam L. Brown, Richard G. Butler

chapter 47|8 pages

Ester-Based Gas Turbine Lubricants

ByRobert Bruce

chapter 48|14 pages

Wind Turbine Lubrication

ByMa Philip, Wei Li

chapter 49|6 pages

Lubricants for Near Dry Machining

ByRobert Silverstein

chapter 50|42 pages

Lubricants for the Disk Drive Industry

ByThomas E. Karis

chapter 51|16 pages

Food-Grade Lubricants

BySarah C. Krol, Brad Lampe, Clifton J. McLellan, Leslie R. Rudnick

chapter 52|22 pages

Critical Cleaning of Advanced Lubricants from Surfaces

ByRonald L. Shubkin, Barbara F. Kanegsberg, Ed Kanegsberg

chapter 53|10 pages

Sintered Metal Bearings and Fluids for Their Lubrication

ByJames Aiello, Leslie R. Rudnick

chapter 54|16 pages

Natural Gas Engine Oils

ByH. Ernest Henderson

chapter 55|16 pages

Natural and Process Compressors

ByGlenn D. Short

chapter 56|34 pages

Automotive Trends in Europe

ByR. David Whitby

chapter 57|10 pages

Diesel Automotive Trends

ByEwa A. Bardasz

chapter 58|30 pages

Automotive Trends in Asia

ByR. David Whitby

chapter 59|10 pages

Automotive Engine Oil Technical Trends in North America

ByMark T. Devlin

chapter 60|22 pages

Automotive Trends in South America

ByR. David Whitby

chapter 61|10 pages

Trends in Construction Machinery Lubricants

ByYulia Reinhart

chapter 62|6 pages

Trends toward Synthetic Fluids and Lubricants in Aerospace

ByCarl E. Snyder, Lois J. Gschwender

chapter 63|24 pages

Commercial Developments

ByR. David Whitby

chapter 64|12 pages

Lubricant Performance Test Methods and Some Product Specifications

ByLeslie R. Rudnick

chapter 65|8 pages

Lubricant Industry-Related Terms and Acronyms

ByLeslie R. Rudnick

chapter 66|28 pages

Internet Resources for the Additive/Lubricant Industry

ByLeslie R. Rudnick