Darkening patches on the skin can result in great distress for the patient. However, definitive diagnosis between the many possible causes and effective treatment can be very hard for the medical practitioner to achieve. This is the first major professional reference with systematic coverage of diagnosis and the various treatment options, and it will be an indispensable clinical reference.

section I|1 pages

Histology, Physiology, and Pathophysiology of Skin Pigmentation

chapter 1|5 pages

Color of skin

ByRashmi Sarkar, Shivani Bansal

chapter 2|5 pages

The melanocyte and melaninogenesis

ByDimitrios Xekardakis, Sabine Krueger-Krasagakis, Konstantinos Krasagakis

chapter 3|7 pages


ByM. Badawy Abdel-Naser, Sabine Krueger-Krasagakis, Konstantinos Krasagakis

chapter 4|3 pages

Pathophysiology of hyperpigmentation

ByShalini B. Reddy, Neelam A. Vashi

section II|1 pages

Disorders of Hyperpigmentation

chapter 5|7 pages


ByClio Dessinioti, Andreas Katsambas

chapter 6|4 pages

Erythema dyschromicum perstans

ByVassiliki Tzanetakou, Electra Nicolaidou

chapter 7|6 pages

Lichen planus pigmentosus

ByEfstratios Vakirlis, Dimitrios Ioannides

chapter 8|5 pages

Primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis

ByElena Sotiriou

chapter 9|7 pages


ByMichael P. Makris

chapter 10|6 pages

Pityriasis versicolor

ByRashmi Sarkar, Vanya Narayan

chapter 11|4 pages

Atrophoderma of Pasini Pierini

ByElizabeth Lazaridou

chapter 12|4 pages

Poikiloderma of Civatte

ByAlexander C. Katoulis, Nikolaos G. Stavrianeas

chapter 13|14 pages

Pigmented nonmelanocytic skin lesions

ByElvira Moscarella, Simonetta Piana, Caterina Longo, Giuseppe Argenziano

chapter 14|8 pages

Drug-induced hyperpigmention

ByRaimonds Karls

chapter 15|8 pages

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation

ByTorello Lotti, Tommaso Tanini, Maja Kovacevic, Serena Gianfaldoni

chapter 16|16 pages

Linear hyperpigmentation

ByChee Leok Goh, Sai Yee Chuah

chapter 17|4 pages

Flagellate hyperpigmentation

ByClarissa Prieto Herman Reinehr, Juliano Peruzzo, Tania Cestari

chapter 18|15 pages

Reticular hyperpigmentation

ByAlexander C. Katoulis, Efthymia Soura

chapter 19|8 pages


ByAikaterini Patsatsi

section III|1 pages

Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis

chapter 20|5 pages

Clinical examination

ByClarissa Prieto Herman Reinehr, Juliano Peruzzo, Tania Cestari

chapter 21|3 pages

Wood’s lamp

ByJuliano Peruzzo, Clarissa Prieto Herman Reinehr, Tania Cestari

chapter 22|8 pages


ByTeresa Deinlein, Iris Zalaudek

chapter 23|14 pages


ByAlmut Böer-Auer

chapter 24|3 pages

Reflectance confocal microscopy

ByCaterina Longo, Maurizio Greco, Silvana Ciardo, Giovanni Pellacani

chapter 25|2 pages


ByRiccardo Pampena, Caterina Longo

chapter 26|4 pages

Diagnostic algorithms

ByStamatis Gregoriou, Christina Stefanaki, George Kontochristopoulos

chapter 27|44 pages

Differential diagnoses of circumscribed and diffuse hyperpigmentation

ByMaria Kyriazopoulou, Efstathios Rallis

section IV|1 pages


chapter 28|6 pages

Cosmetic camouflage for pigmentation issues

ByZoe Diana Draelos

chapter 29|3 pages


ByPauline Lecerf

chapter 30|16 pages

Medical therapy

ByAlexander C. Katoulis, Efthymia Soura, Antigone Alevizou, Dimitris Rigopoulos

chapter 31|9 pages

Chemical peels

ByMyrto-Georgia Trakatelli, Kostantinos Kalokasidis, Paola Pasquali

chapter 32|8 pages


ByPaola Pasquali, Myrto-Georgia Trakatelli

chapter 33|6 pages


ByMaria Tsoukas, Jeremiah Au

chapter 34|8 pages


ByMaria Tsoukas, Monica Boen, Caroline Doo, Benjamin C. Garden

chapter 35|19 pages

Intense pulsed light

ByOwen Kramer, Benjamin C. Garden, Maria Tsoukas