Shells are basic structural elements of modern technology and everyday life. Examples of shell structures in technology include automobile bodies, water and oil tanks, pipelines, silos, wind turbine towers, and nanotubes. Nature is full of living shells such as leaves of trees, blooming flowers, seashells, cell membranes or wings of insects. In the human body arteries, the eye shell, the diaphragm, the skin and the pericardium are all shells as well.

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, Volume 4 contains 132 contributions presented at the 11th Conference on Shell Structures: Theory and Applications (Gdansk, Poland, 11-13 October 2017). The papers reflect a wide spectrum of scientific and engineering problems from theoretical modelling through strength, stability and dynamic behaviour, numerical analyses, biomechanic applications up to engineering design of shell structures.

Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, Volume 4 will be of interest to academics, researchers, designers and engineers dealing with modelling and analyses of shell structures. It may also provide supplementary reading to graduate students in Civil, Mechanical, Naval and Aerospace Engineering.

part 1|50 pages

General lectures

chapter 3|11 pages

Topology and material optimization of plates and shells

ByT. Lewiński, S. Czarnecki, R. Czubacki, T. Sokół

part 2|146 pages

Theoretical modelling

chapter 7|4 pages

On isotropic linear elastic material laws for directed planes

Bym. Aßmus, j. Eisenträger, H. Altenbach

chapter 8|4 pages

Nonlinear bending analysis of functionally graded plates with complex shape resting on elastic foundations

ByJ. Awrejcewicz, L.V. Kurpa, K.I. Lyubitska

chapter 9|4 pages

Modelling of equivalent shells of revolution with negative Gaussian curvature

ByT. Belica, K. Magnucki

chapter 10|4 pages

Design optimization and failure modelling of ribbed cross-laminated timber plates

ByB. Brank, A. Stanić, M. Lavrenčič, B. Hudobivnik

chapter 11|4 pages

Lagrangian mechanics of classical shells: Theory and calculation of shells of revolution

ByV.V. Eliseev, T.V. Zinovieva

chapter 12|4 pages

On bending of laminate plates with interfacial stresses

ByV.A. Eremeyev, V.I. Kushch, F. Stachowicz

chapter 14|4 pages

On extended models of plates based on linear strain gradient elasticity

ByV.A. Eremeyev, E.C. Aifantis

chapter 15|4 pages

On phase equilibrium of an elastic liquid shell with wedge disclination

ByV. A. Eremeyev, V Konopińska-Zmysłowska

chapter 16|4 pages

Biaxial bias extension test for pantographic sheets

ByI. Giorgio, U. Andreaus, D. Scerrato

chapter 17|4 pages

Modelling of heat conduction in multilayered shells on planar mesh

ByJ. Jaśkowiec, P. Pluciński

chapter 19|4 pages

A cylindrical membrane partially stretched over a rigid cone

ByA.M. Kolesnikov, I.S. Purtova

chapter 20|4 pages

On mechanical moduli of single layer graphene sheets

ByS.N. Korobeynikov, V.V. Alyokhin, A.V. Babichev

chapter 21|4 pages

A study on transverse shear correction for laminated sandwich panels

ByI. Kreja, A. Sabik

chapter 22|4 pages

Interaction of rectangular sandwich plates with waves in acoustic medium

ByN.A. Lokteva, D.V. Tarlakovskii

chapter 23|4 pages

Adhesion model of hyperfine shells (SWNT)

ByS.A. Lurie, P.A. Belov, N.P. Tuchkova

chapter 24|4 pages

On the modeling of periodic three-layered structures with inert core

ByJ. Marczak, J. Jędrysiak

chapter 25|4 pages

Dynamic tolerance modeling of plane-structure with bidirectional microstructure

ByB. Michalak, M. Rabenda

chapter 26|4 pages

Damage growth of laminated composite structures containing a hole

ByA. Muc, M. Sikoń

chapter 27|4 pages

Thermoelastic problems of periodically stratified thick plates

ByE. Pazera, J. Jędrysiak

chapter 29|4 pages

Homogenization of a second order plate model

ByE. Pruchnicki

chapter 30|4 pages

Theory of thin plate in asymmetric elasticity

ByN.N. Rogacheva

chapter 33|4 pages

On the shear stiffness influence for modelling of deformations of pantographic sheets

ByD. Scerrato, I.A. Zhurba Eremeeva, T. Lekszycki, N.L. Rizzi

chapter 34|4 pages

Equilibrium of cracked shell with flexible coating

ByI.P. Shatskyi, M.V. Makoviichuk, A.B. Shcherbii

chapter 36|4 pages

On the compatibility equations in shell theories considering transverse shear and normal strains

ByD.V. Tarlakovskii, S.I. Zhavoronok

chapter 37|4 pages

How to easily model doubly curved shells with variable radii of curvature

ByF. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi, M. Bacciocchi

chapter 38|4 pages

Applied theory of shallow multilayered or functionally graded shells

ByPetr E. Tovstik, Tatiana P. Tovstik

part 3|90 pages


chapter 42|4 pages

Local stability of a plate with a circular inclusion under tensile stress

ByS.M. Bauer, S.V. Kashtanova, N.F. Morozov, A.M. Ermakov

chapter 43|3 pages

Methods of analysis of large deformation and stability of elastoplastic shells

ByV.G. Bazhenov, A.I. Kibec, E.V. Nagornykh, A.A. Artemyeva

chapter 44|4 pages

A plastic flow based plate buckling theory

ByJ. Becque

chapter 51|4 pages

Buckling of simplified models of silo with corrugated walls and vertical stiffeners

ByP. Iwicki, K. Rejowski, J. Tejchman

chapter 52|4 pages

Buckling of thin-walled steel shells with closely spaced, discrete and flexible anchors under wind load

ByA. Jäger-Cañás, J. Bothe, K. Thiele

chapter 53|4 pages

Experimental investigations of buckling of pressurized spherical caps

ByS. Kołodziej, J. Marcinowski

chapter 55|4 pages

Deformation and stability of thin-walled shallow shells in the case of periodically non-uniform stress-strain state

ByV.L. Krasovsky, O.V. Lykhachova, Ya.O. Bessmertnyi

chapter 56|4 pages

Elastic buckling of a sandwich cylindrical panel with corrugated core

ByK. Magnucki, S. Milecki, E. Magnucka-Blandzi

chapter 59|4 pages

Geometrically nonlinear strain and buckling analysis of sandwich plates and shells reinforced on their edge

ByV.N. Paimushin, M.V. Makarov, I.B. Badriev, S.A. Kholmogorov

chapter 61|4 pages

Elastic postbuckling deformation analysis of thin periodic plates

ByM. Świątek, Ł. Domagalski

chapter 63|4 pages

Stability of a multilayered non-circular cylindrical shell under external pressure

ByA. Zelinskaya, P.E. Tovstik

part 4|58 pages


chapter 64|4 pages

Compound shell structures: Statics, stability and vibrations

ByYa. Grigorenko, E. Bespalova, N. Yaremchenko

chapter 66|4 pages

Analysis of modal parameters of box shaped laminated shells

ByB. Markiewicz, L. Ziemiański

chapter 67|4 pages

Transient contact problem for spherical shell and elastic half-space

ByE.Yu. Mikhailova, G.V. Fedotenkov, D.V. Tarlakovskii

chapter 68|4 pages

The impact of liquid filled concentric spherical shells with a rigid wall

ByE.Yu. Mikhailova, G.V. Fedotenkov, D.V. Tarlakovskii

chapter 69|4 pages

Numerical analysis of free vibrations of a tube shaped laminated cantilever

ByB. Miller, L. Ziemiański

chapter 70|4 pages

On the research of nonstationary dynamic problems for visco-elastic cylindrical shells

ByA.V. Netrebko, S.G. Pshenichnov

chapter 74|4 pages

Lamb wave propagation in a single lap adhesive joint

ByM. Rucka, J. Lachowicz, E. Wojtczak

chapter 76|4 pages

Dynamic modelling of thin longitudinally graded cylindrical shells

ByB. Tomczyk, P. Szczerba

chapter 77|4 pages

Tolerance modelling of dynamic problems for thin biperiodic shells

ByB. Tomczyk, A. Litawska

part 5|62 pages

Numerical analysis

chapter 78|4 pages

Finite element simulation of cross shaped window panel supports

ByA. Ambroziak

chapter 79|4 pages

Modal analysis of a fish-belly flap type of steel water gate

ByK. Brusewicz, W. Sterpejkowicz-Wersocki, R. Jankowski

chapter 81|4 pages

Mixed 4-node shell element with assumed strain and stress in 6-parameter theory

ByJ. Chróścielewski, S. Burzyński, K. Daszkiewicz, W. Witkowski

chapter 82|4 pages

Nonlinear FEM analysis of irregular shells composed of fiber metal laminates

ByJ. Chróścielewski, S. Burzyński, A. Sabik, B. Sobczyk, W. Witkowski

chapter 84|4 pages

Physical shape functions in 6-parameter shell theory finite elements

ByW. Gilewski, A. Al Sabouni-Zawadzka, J. Pełczynski

chapter 85|4 pages

A mixed refined zigzag theory for the modeling of layered plate structures

ByM. Köpple, W. Wagner

chapter 86|4 pages

Strength and buckling of an untypical dished head of a cylindrical pressure vessel

ByK. Magnucki, M. Rodak, P. Jasion

part 6|86 pages

Engineering design

chapter 94|4 pages

Sensitivity analysis in design process of sandwich U-shaped composite footbridge

ByT. Ferenc, Ł. Pyrzowski, J. Chróścielewski, T. Mikulski

chapter 95|4 pages

The validation process of truss model with joint eccentricities

ByM. Gordziej-Zagórowska, E. Urbańska-Galewska, Ł. Pyrzowski

chapter 96|4 pages

Imperfection sensitivity study of discretely supported shells with vertical stiffeners

ByE. Hotała, Ł. Skotny, J. Klimiuk

chapter 97|4 pages

Experimental investigation of limit load of composite sandwich plate with cut-out

ByH. Kopecki, Ł. Święch

chapter 98|4 pages

The effect of corrosion and time on the behaviour of a steel culvert

ByB. Kunecki, L. Janusz, L. Korusiewicz

chapter 99|4 pages

Influence of an applied bearing system on behaviour of multi-span footbridge

ByM. Miśkiewicz, Ł. Pyrzowski

chapter 100|4 pages

Load testing of a suspended footbridge in Radom (Poland)

ByM. Miśkiewicz, Ł. Pyrzowski, K. Wilde, J. Chróścielewski, J. Kałuża

chapter 104|4 pages

Numerical analysis of mechanical joint in thin-walled composite structures

ByK. Puchała, E. Szymczyk, J. Jachimowicz

chapter 105|4 pages

Composite sandwich footbridge—measured dynamic response vs. FEA

ByŁ. Pyrzowski, B. Sobczyk, M. Rucka, M. Miśkiewicz, J. Chróścielewski

chapter 106|4 pages

Collapse mode of flange vertical buckling of an I-sectioned steel girder

ByS. Shimizu, T. Ohkawa, N. Tanaka

chapter 108|4 pages

Optimum design of a small wind turbine

ByT. Szafrański, J. Malachowski, K. Damaziak, J. Bukała

chapter 109|4 pages

Stress analysis of the bridge hangers in terms of the fatigue verification

ByM. Szafrański, T. Galewski, R. Łapigrowski

chapter 110|4 pages

Analysis of the cyclic load-unload-reload tests of VALMEX aged fabric

ByK. Żerdzicki, P. Kłosowski, K. Woźnica

chapter 111|4 pages

Correlation between natural frequencies and buckling load in a stiffened shell

ByL. Żmuda-Trzebiatowski, P. Iwicki

chapter 112|4 pages

Launching of steel bridge girder. Application of nonlinear shell models

ByK. Zoltowski, M. Binczyk

chapter 113|4 pages

Shell model of multiple-row moment I-section end-plate joint

ByK. Zoltowski, P. Kalitowski

part 7|30 pages

Biomechanical problems

chapter 114|4 pages

Accuracy of applanation tonometry readings before and after refractive surgery

ByS.M. Bauer, L. Venatovskaya, E. Voronkova

chapter 116|4 pages

Membrane model of human abdominal wall. Simulations vs. in vivo measurements

ByI. Lubowiecka, A. Tomaszewska, K. Szepietowska, C. Szymczak, M. Lichodziejewska-Niemierko, M. Chmielewski

chapter 117|4 pages

Parametric 3D FE model of coronary stent structure for radial force assessment

ByL. Mazurkiewicz, J. Bukala, J. Malachowski

chapter 118|4 pages

Isogeometric Kirchhoff-Love shells: Numerics, constitution and biomechanical applications

ByF. Roohbakhshan, T.X. Duong, R.A. Sauer

chapter 119|4 pages

Global sensitivity analysis of membrane model of abdominal wall with surgical mesh

ByK. Szepietowska, I. Lubowiecka, B. Magnain, E. Florentin

chapter 120|4 pages

FEM approach to modelling of an irregular trabecular structure

ByW. Wojnicz, E. Wittbrodt

part 8|50 pages

Miscellaneous topics

chapter 121|4 pages

Application and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys

ByA. Ambroziak, M.T. Solarczyk

chapter 122|4 pages

Failure of cold-formed beam: How does residual stress affect stability?

ByP. Bielski, O. Wysocki, J. Czyżewicz

chapter 125|4 pages

Beams in plane bending

ByR. Kienzler, P. Schneider

chapter 128|4 pages

Modal analysis of temporary steel grandstand equipped with different bracing systems

ByN. Lasowicz, R. Jankowski

chapter 129|4 pages

Numerical simulation of hardening of concrete plate

ByA. Mariak, J. Chróścielewski, K. Wilde

chapter 131|4 pages

Nonlinear forced vibrations of periodic beams

ByM. Świątek, Ł. Domagalski

chapter 132|4 pages

Relation between optimal lattice shell shape and elastic curve

ByR. Tarczewski, M. Świeciak