Climate change adaptation in South Asia is redefining the roles of different actors in the governance processes. The existing governance lack capacity, knowledge, and leadership skills to manage the uncertainties and challenges posed by climate change. This book aims to explain how the governance of climate change adaptation and mitigation is being shaped in the region and how climate change is impacting upon the governance of natural resources. Although the focus is on South Asia, the editors draw a wide range of contributions from northern and southern communities and across various agro-ecological contexts.

Climate Change Governance and Adaptation: Case Studies from South Asia sees the changing climate not only as an environmental problem but as a societal challenge and discusses the governance challenges from an interdisciplinary social science perspective across different levels: local, state, and national. Discusses also the challenges and opportunities for increasing the resilience of the society through effective governance around climate change. A top down approach to govern climate change adaptation may not yield desired outcomes; instead the book emphasizes the need to integrate issues of equity, into climate governance and polices. The lessons learned from different cases across South Asia help readers have a better and deeper understanding of the relationships between governance and climate change.

Given the diversity of themes covered, this book will appeal not only to researchers and practitioners in the climate change community, but also to those with a broader interest in governance processes.

chapter 1|9 pages

Governance of Climate Change: Issues and Challenges in South Asia

ByAnamika Barua, Vishal Narain, Sumit Vij

chapter 4|20 pages

Waste or Savior? Two Cases of Emerging Wastewater Irrigation in Urbanizing Kathmandu Valley

BySilvia Quarta, Dik Roth, Robert Dongol, Anushiya Shrestha, Saroj Yakami

chapter 5|17 pages

Climate Migration and Flood Related Disasters

ByAnna Wesselink, Jeroen Warner, Michelle Kooy, Parvin Sultana, Paul Thompson, Abu Syed

chapter 8|23 pages

Governing National Actions for Global Climate Change Stabilization: Examples from India 1

ByJoyashree Roy, Shyamasree Dasgupta, Duke Ghosh, Nandini Das, Debalina Chakravarty, Debrupa Chakraborty, Sudipta De