The objective of this edited book is to gather best practices in the development and management of mobile apps projects. Mobile Apps Engineering aims to provide software engineering lecturers, students and researchers of mobile computing a starting point for developing successful mobile apps. To achieve these objectives, the book’s contributors emphasize the essential concepts of the field, such as apps design, testing and security, with the intention of offering a compact, self-contained book which shall stimulate further research interest in the topic. The editors hope and believe that their efforts in bringing this book together can make mobile apps engineering an independent discipline inspired by traditional software engineering, but taking into account the new challenges posed by mobile computing.

chapter Chapter 1|34 pages

An Introduction to Mobile Device Security

ByAntónio Lima, Pedro Borges, Bruno Sousa, Paulo Simões, Tiago Cruz

chapter Chapter 2|42 pages

Model-Driven Design of Connectivity-Aware Mobile Applications

BySteffen Vaupel, Gabriele Taentzer, Michael Guckert

chapter Chapter 3|23 pages

Mobile App Testing

Tools, Frameworks, and Challenges
BySilvia M. Ascate, Isabel K. Villanes, Kariny Oliveira, Eduardo Noronha de Andrade Freitas, Arilo Dias-Neto

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

City Tour App

A Step-by-Step Development of an e-Commerce Platform
ByHan Jing, Jonathan Loo, Michael Chai, Junaid Arshad

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

Teaching Hygiene and Responsible Antibiotic Use through a Mobile Game for Children

ByAndreea Molnar, Patty Kostkova