The book gives a systematical and almost self-contained description of the many facets of envisaging, designing, implementing or experimentally exploring offshore mechatronics and systems along the adequate designs of integrated modeling, safety, control and supervision infrastructure.

With the rapid improvements in offshore technologies in various fields such as oil and gas industry, wind energy, robotics and logistics, many researchers in academia and industry have focused on technology-based challenges raised in offshore environment. This book introduces novel theoretical or practical techniques for offshore mechatronics systems.

Chapters cover general application model-based systems engineering, wind energy, control systems, mechanics, health monitoring, safety critical human-machine systems, logistics and offshore industrial complexes such as oil and gas operations, robotics, large space structures and autonomous underwater vehicles, and some other advanced technologies.

The core feature of this book is that of establishing synergies of modeling, control, computing and mechanics in order to achieve not only robust plant system operation but also properties such as safety, cost, integrity and survivability while retaining desired performance quality.

The book provides innovative insights into applications aspects and theoretical understanding of complex offshore mechatronics systems that has emerged in recent years, either via physical implementations or via extensive computer simulations in addition to sound innovated theoretical developments. It will serve as a reference for graduate and postgraduate students and for researchers in all engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and applied mathematics to explore the state-of-theart techniques for solving problems of integrated modeling, control and supervision of complex offshore plants with collective safety and robustness. Thus it shall be useful as a guidance for system engineering practitioners and system theoretic researchers alike.

chapter 1|19 pages

Maintenance Logistics of Offshore Wind Farms: Influence of Sea Waves on Maintenance Logistics Processes

ByThies Beinke, Jan-Hendrik Wesuls, Jan Rosenkranz, Moritz Quandt, Abderrahim Ait Alla, Markus Schwarz, Daniel Syga, Thomas Rieger, Matthias Lange, Holger Korte, Michael Freitag

chapter 2|21 pages

Providing Standardized Processes for Information and Material Flows of Offshore Wind Energy Logistics

ByThies Beinke, Moritz Quandt, Michael Freitag

chapter 3|27 pages

Estimation-Based Ocean Flow Field Reconstruction Using Profiling Floats

ByHuazhen Fang, Raymond A. de Callafon and Jorge Cortés

chapter 4|23 pages

Modern and Traditional Applications of Rheological Fluids in Mechatronic and Robotic Systems

BySylvester Sedem Djokoto, Dragašius Egidijus, Vytautas Jurenas, Ramutis Bansevicius, Shanker Ganesh Krishnamoorthy

chapter 5|42 pages

Parameter Identification and Damage Detection of Offshore Structural Systems

ByJian Zhang, Xiaomei Wang, Chan Ghee Koh

chapter 8|23 pages

Marine Brushless A.C. Generators

ByZenghua Sun, Guichen Zhang

chapter 9|14 pages

Marine Main Switchboards

ByGuichen Zhang, Zenghua Sun

chapter 10|44 pages

Generator Automatic Control System

ByGuichen Zhang, Zenghua Sun