The two volumes of this new edition of the Handbook cover the basic biological, medical, physical, and electrical engineering principles. They also include experimental results concerning how electric and magnetic fields affect biological systems—both as potential hazards to health and potential tools for medical treatment and scientific research. They also include material on the relationship between the science and the regulatory processes concerning human exposure to the fields. Like its predecessors, this edition is intended to be useful as a reference book but also for introducing the reader to bioelectromagnetics or some of its aspects.


• New topics include coverage of electromagnetic effects in the terahertz region, effects on plants, and explicitly applying feedback concepts to the analysis of biological electromagnetic effects

• Expanded coverage of electromagnetic brain stimulation, characterization and modeling of epithelial wounds, and recent lab experiments on at all frequencies

• Section on background for setting standards and precautionary principle

• Discussion of recent epidemiological, laboratory, and theoretical results; including: WHO IARC syntheses of epidemiological results on both high and low frequency fields, IITRI lab study of cancer in mice exposed to cell phone-like radiation, and other RF studies

• All chapters updated by internationally acknowledged experts in the field

chapter |28 pages

Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields

ByFrank Barnes, Charles Polk, Ben Greenebaum

chapter 2|20 pages

Cellular Effects of Radio Frequency, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves

ByJunji Miyakoshi

chapter 3|22 pages

Plant Responses to Electromagnetic Fields

ByMassimo E. Maffei

chapter 6|63 pages

Biological Effects of Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves

ByStanislav I. Alekseev, Marvin C. Ziskin

chapter 7|42 pages


ByJames C. Weaver, Yuri Chizmadzhev

chapter 8|20 pages

Musculoskeletal Effects and Applications of Electromagnetic Fields

ByJoseph A. Spadaro

chapter 9|39 pages

Thermal Therapy Applications of Electromagnetic Energy

ByP.R. Stauffer, D.B. Rodrigues, D. Haemmerich, C.-K. Chou

chapter 10|61 pages

Transcranial Magnetic and Electric Stimulation

ByShoogo Ueno, Masaki Sekino, Tsukasa Shigemitsu

chapter 11|32 pages

Computational Modeling of Transepithelial Endogenous Electric Signals

BySomen Baidya, Ahmed M. Hassan, Min Zhao

chapter 12|20 pages

Electrical Shock Trauma

ByColin McFaul, Mei Li, Ze Liang, Raphael C. Lee

chapter 13|60 pages

Epidemiologic Studies of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field

ByLeeka Kheifets, Andrew S. Park, John Swanson, Ximena Vergara

chapter 14|12 pages

HF Epidemiologic Studies

ByMaria Feychting, Martin Röösli, Joachim Schüz

chapter 15|16 pages

Behavioral and Cognitive Effects of Electromagnetic Field Exposure

ByAndrew W. Wood, Sarah P. Loughran