Electric Energy Systems, Second Edition provides an analysis of electric generation and transmission systems that addresses diverse regulatory issues. It includes fundamental background topics, such as load flow, short circuit analysis, and economic dispatch, as well as advanced topics, such as harmonic load flow, state estimation, voltage and frequency control, electromagnetic transients, etc. The new edition features updated material throughout the text and new sections throughout the chapters. It covers current issues in the industry, including renewable generation with associated control and scheduling problems, HVDC transmission, and use of synchrophasors (PMUs). The text explores more sophisticated protections and the new roles of demand, side management, etc. Written by internationally recognized specialists, the text contains a wide range of worked out examples along with numerous exercises and solutions to enhance understanding of the material.


  • Integrates technical and economic analyses of electric energy systems.
  • Covers HVDC transmission.
  • Addresses renewable generation and the associated control and scheduling problems.
  • Analyzes electricity markets, electromagnetic transients, and harmonic load flow.
  • Features new sections and updated material throughout the text.
  • Includes examples and solved problems.
  • chapter 4|51 pages

    State Estimation