With contributions from a broad range of leading professors and scientists, this volume focuses on new areas of processing technologies in foods and plants to help meet the increasing food demand of the rapidly growing populations of the world.

The first section of the book is devoted to emerging entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for rural peoples in food and agricultural processing, specifically beekeeping technology and honey processing; herbal formulations for treatment of dental diseases; and engineering interventions for the extraction of essential oils from plants. Part 2 contains three chapters that discuss technological interventions in foods and plants for human health benefits, looking particularly at coffee, tea, and green leaf vegetable processing technology. The volume goes to look at several management strategies in agricultural engineering, with a chapter on production technology of ethanol from various sources and its potential applications in various industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical as well as biofuel. Food grain storage structures are addressed as well, focusing on minimizing losses from microbial pests as well as insect pests during grain storage by utilizing different efficient storage structures

The volume provides a valuable resource for students, instructors, and researchers of foods and plants processing technology. In addition, food and plant science professionals who are seeking recent advanced and innovative knowledge in processing will find this book helpful.

part I|85 pages

Emerging Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas

chapter 1|24 pages

Beekeeping Technology and Honey Processing: Emerging Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas

ByVishal Singh, Deepak Kumar Verma, Deepali Chauhan

chapter 2|24 pages

Herbal Formulations for Treatment of Dental Diseases: Perspectives, Potential, and Applications

ByAshwini G. Patil, Pravin Onkar Patil, Arpana H. Jobanputra, Deepak Kumar Verma

chapter 3|35 pages

Engineering Interventions for Extraction of Essential Oils from Plants

ByAsaad Rehman Saeed AL-Hilphy

part II|122 pages

Engineering Interventions in Foods and Plants for Health Benefits

chapter 4|29 pages

Processing Technology and Potential Health Benefits of Coffee

ByVishal Singh, Deepak Kumar Verma

chapter 5|37 pages

Biochemical Composition, Processing Technology and Health Benefits of Green Tea: A Review

ByVishal Singh, Deepak Kumar Verma, Dipendra Kumar Mahato

chapter 6|52 pages

Effects of Thermal Processing on Nutritional Composition of Green Leafy Vegetables: A Review

Bydeepak kumar verma, sudhanshi billoria, dipendra kumar mahato, ajay kumar swarnakar, prem prakash srivastav

part III|76 pages

Management Strategies in Agricultural Engineering

chapter 8|38 pages

Food Grain Storage Structures: Introduction and Applications

ByVishal Singh, Deepak Kumar Verma, Prem Prakash Srivastav