Physiology of Molluscs: A Collection of Selected Reviews is an informative two-volume sent that brings together some of the most important recent and unique developments in molluscan physiology. Volume Two includes reviews on the neural mechanisms of learning, reproductive behavior, responses to environmental stress and hormones, and neurotransmitters. With the rapid development of cutting-edge proteomic, molecular biological, and cellular imaging techniques, our understanding of molluscan physiology, specifically in the areas of neurobiology, reproductive biology, and shell formation, has increased exponentially over the last several years. With contributions from some of the world's leading experts in the field of molluscan physiology, this valuable two-volume set fills this void and will serve as an important resource for researchers, professors, and students.

chapter Chapter 1|41 pages

Associative Memory Mechanisms in the Pond Snail Lymnaea Stagnalis

ByGaynor E. Spencer, Cailin M. Rothwell, Paul R. Benjamin

chapter Chapter 2|24 pages

From Likes to Dislikes: Conditioned Taste Aversion in the Great Pond Snail (Lymnaea Stagnalis) 1

ByE. Ito, S. Kojima, K. Lukowiak, M. Sakakibara

chapter Chapter 4|34 pages

Learning and Memory in the Living Fossil, Chambered Nautilus

ByJennifer Basil, Robyn Crook

chapter Chapter 5|41 pages

The Cephalopod Brain: Motion Control, Learning, and Cognition

ByTamar Gutnick, Tal Shomrat, Jennifer A. Mather, Michael J. Kuba

chapter Chapter 6|41 pages

Endocrine Control of Gametogenesis and Spawning in Bivalves

ByMakoto Osada, Toshie Matsumoto

chapter Chapter 7|50 pages

The Physiology of Reproduction in Cephalopods

ByCarlo Di Cristo

chapter Chapter 9|67 pages

Reproductive Strategies in Stylommatophoran Gastropods

ByBruno Baur, Anette Baur

chapter Chapter 10|98 pages

Physiological Functions of Gastropod Peptides and Neurotransmitters

BySpencer T. Mukai, Fumihiro Morishita