The demand for quality milk products is increasing throughout the world. Food patterns are changing from eating plant protein to animal protein due to increasing incomes around the world, and the production of milk and milk products is expanding with leaps and bounds. This book presents an array of recent developments and emerging topics in the processing and manufacturing of milk and dairy products. The volume also devotes a special section on alternative energy sources for dairy production along with solutions for energy conservation.

With contributions for leading scientists and researchers in the field of dairy science and technology, this valuable compendium covers

  • innovative techniques in dairy engineering
  • processing methods and their applications in dairy industry
  • energy use in dairy engineering: sources, conservation, and requirements

In line with the modern industrial trends, new processes and corresponding new equipment are reviewed. The volume also looks at the development of highly sensitive measuring and control devices have made it possible to incorporate automatic operation with high degree of mechanization to meet the huge demand of quality milk and milk products.

Processing Technologies for Milk and Milk Products: Methods, Applications, and Energy Usage will be a valuable resource for those in those involved in the research and production of milk and milk products.

part |135 pages

Innovative Techniques in Dairy Engineering

chapter 1|62 pages

Innovative Techniques in Milk Processing: A Review

ByBhushan D. Meshram, P. G. Wasnik, K. K. Sandey, Shakeel Asgar, A. K. Agrawal

chapter 2|40 pages

Digital Image Analysis: Tool for Food Quality Evaluation

ByPrashant G. Wasnik, Rekha Ravindra Menon, Bhushan D. Meshram

chapter 3|13 pages

Passivation: A Method to Ensure Quality of Dairy and Food Processing Equipment

ByGeetesh Sinha, Krishan Dewangan, A. K. Agrawal

chapter 4|17 pages

Technology of Protein Rich Vegetable Based Formulated Foods

ByDinesh Chandra Rai, Ashok Kumar Yadav

part |150 pages

Processing Methods and their Applications in the Dairy Industry

chapter 6|22 pages

Application of High Pressure Processing in The Dairy Industry: A Review

BySantosh S. Chopde, Bhavesh B. Chavhan, Madhav R. Patil

chapter 7|38 pages

Emerging Milk Process Technologies: High Hydrostatic Pressure

ByAdarsh M. Kalla, Devaraju Rajanna

chapter 8|33 pages

Microwave Processing of Milk: A Review

ByBhushan D. Meshram, A. N. Vyahaware, P. G. Wasnik, A. K. Agrawal, K. K. Sandey

chapter 9|18 pages

Milk Silos and Other Milk Storage Systems

ByVandana Choubey

chapter 10|16 pages

Milk Cooling Methods: Importance and Potential Use

ByBhavesh B. Chavhan, A. K. Agrawal, S. S. Chopade, G. P. Deshmukh

part |80 pages

Energy Use in Dairy Engineering: Sources, Conservation, and Requirements

chapter 11|22 pages

Use of Renewable Energy in the Dairy Industry

ByJanakkumar B. Upadhyay, Ruchi Patel

chapter 12|17 pages

Minimizing Power Requirement for Pumps in Dairy Industry

ByAdarsh M. Kalla, Bhavesh B. Chavhan, P. Bisen, C. Sahu

chapter 13|18 pages

Water Requirements for a Dairy Plant: Quality and Quantity Issues

ByArchana Khare, Anil K. Khare, A.K. Agrawal

chapter 14|20 pages

Common Utilities for the Dairy Industry

ByVandana Choubey