Optimal distribution of fresh horticultural products entails prolonging their freshness and nutritional quality as long as possible after harvest. A major limitation to their marketing is decay after harvest, which is caused primarily by fungal pathogens. Postharvest Pathology of Fresh Horticultural Produce provides a comprehensive resource of information about the biology and control of postharvest diseases of many fresh horticultural products, citing sources from appropriate literature of any age, rather than only the most recent.

The etiology and symptoms of postharvest diseases and the biology of postharvest pathogens are reviewed by leading experts, who are familiar with many of world’s most popular fresh fruits and vegetables and the diseases that affect them.

Key aspects related to infection and epidemiology, methods to minimize postharvest decay losses, including use of conventional fungicides and alternative management strategies, harvest and handling practices, and other aspects are described for the most significant temperate, subtropical, and tropical fruits as well as fruit-like vegetables and leafy vegetables.


  • Provides comprehensive academic and practical reviews of postharvest diseases of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Discusses the economic importance, etiology, and epidemiology of the most significant postharvest diseases
  • Includes quality color plates that allow the practical identification of disease symptoms
  • Explains practical postharvest disease management actions, including the use of conventional fungicides and alternatives to their use

The authors summarize a massive quantity of published information, and often apply their own considerable practical experience to identify and interpret the most significant information. This book is a valuable and comprehensive resource for industry professionals, academics, educators, students, consultants, pest control advisors, regulatory personnel, and others interested in this subject.

part Section I|2 pages

Postharvest Diseases of Fresh Horticultural Produce

chapter Chapter 1|52 pages

Citrus Fruits

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages


chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

Banana and Plantain

chapter Chapter 10|34 pages

Leafy Vegetables

part Section III|2 pages

Novel Technologies to Control Postharvest Decay of Fruits and Vegetables

chapter Chapter 15|22 pages

Toward Probiotic Postharvest Biocontrol Antagonists

Appraisal of Obstacles

chapter Chapter 17|56 pages

UV-C Hormesis

A Means of Controlling Diseases and Delaying Senescence in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables during Storage

chapter Chapter 22|44 pages


Gels to Reduce Fruit Disease and Maintain Quality Properties