This book addresses groundwater governance, a subject internationally recognized as crucial and topical for enhancing and safeguarding the benefits of groundwater and groundwater-dependent ecosystems to humanity, while ensuring water and food security under global change.

The multiple and complex dimensions of groundwater governance are captured in 28 chapters, written by a team of leading experts from different parts of the world and with a variety of relevant professional backgrounds. The book aims to describe the state-of-the-art and latest developments regarding each of the themes addressed, paying attention to the wide variation of conditions observed around the globe.

The book consists of four parts. The first part sets the stage by defining groundwater governance, exploring its emergence and evolution, framing it through a socio-ecological lens and describing groundwater policy and planning approaches. The second part discusses selected key aspects of groundwater governance. The third part zooms in on the increasingly important linkages between groundwater and other resources or sectors, and between local groundwater systems and phenomena or actions at the international or even global level. The fourth part, finally, presents a number of interesting case studies that illustrate contemporary practice in groundwater governance.

In one volume, this highly accessible text not only familiarizes water professionals, decision-makers and local stakeholders with groundwater governance, but also provides them with ideas and inspiration for improving groundwater governance in their own environment.

part 1|95 pages

Setting the scene

chapter 1|29 pages

Groundwater governance: rationale, definition, current state and heuristic framework

ByKaren G. Villholth, Kirstin I. Conti

chapter 2|22 pages

Emergence and evolution of groundwater management and governance

ByMarco García, Ebel Smidt, Jacobus J. de Vries

chapter 3|18 pages

Understanding groundwater governance through a social ecological system framework – relevance and limits

ByMarta Rica, Olivier Petit, López-Gunn Elena

chapter 4|23 pages

Groundwater management: policy principles & planning practices

ByStephen Foster, John Chilton

part 2|169 pages

Key elements of groundwater governance

chapter 6|18 pages

Legal principles and legal frameworks related to groundwater

ByStefano Burchi

chapter 8|19 pages

Economic instruments, behaviour and incentives in groundwater management

ByPhoebe Koundouri, Ebun Akinsete, Nikolaos Englezos, Xanti I. Kartala, Ioannis Souliotis, Josef Adler

chapter 10|21 pages

Data, information, knowledge and diagnostics on groundwater

ByJac van der Gun

chapter 11|16 pages

Education and capacity development for groundwater resources management

ByViviana Re, Bruce Misstear

chapter 13|19 pages

Assessing and monitoring groundwater governance

ByAkhmouch Aziza, Clavreul Delphine

part 3|142 pages

Integration and policy linkages beyond the local groundwater system

chapter 16|21 pages

Steps towards groundwater-sensitive land use governance and management practices

ByDaniel A. Wiegant, Frank van Steenbergen

chapter 17|23 pages

Linking groundwater and surface water: conjunctive water management

ByS. Evans Richard, Dillon Peter

chapter 18|14 pages

Global food and trade dimensions of groundwater governance

ByArjen Y. Hoekstra

chapter 19|22 pages

Governance and management of transboundary aquifers

ByPuri Shaminder, G. Villholth Karen

chapter 20|20 pages

Governing extractable subsurface resources and subsurface space

Byvan der Gun Jac, Custodio Emilio

part 4|186 pages


chapter 21|31 pages

Groundwater governance in the Great Artesian Basin, Australia

ByRien A. Habermehl

chapter 23|20 pages

Groundwater governance in the European Union, its history and its legislation: an enlightening example of groundwater governance

ByFried Jean, Quevauviller Philippe, Vargas Amelin Elisa

chapter 24|27 pages

Groundwater governance in the United States: a mosaic of approaches

ByMegdal Sharon B, Teran Adriana Zuniga, Varady Robert G, Delano Nathaniel, Gerlak Andrea K, Vimont Ethan T.

chapter 25|15 pages

Turning the tide – curbing groundwater over-abstraction in the Tosca-Molopo area, South Africa

BySeward Paul, du Toit van Dyk Gabriel Stephanus

chapter 26|27 pages

Governing groundwater in the Middle East and North Africa Region

ByMolle François, Closas Alvar, Al-Zubari Waleed

chapter 27|23 pages

Perspectives on Guarani Aquifer Governance

ByAmore Luiz