This book introduces the key concepts of nanoscale spectroscopy methods used in nanotechnologies in a manner that is easily digestible for a beginner in the field. It discusses future applications of nanotechnologies in technical industries. It also covers new developments and interdisciplinary research in engineering, science, and medicine. An overview of nanoscale spectroscopy for nanotechnologies, the book describes the technologies with an emphasis on how they work and on their key benefits. It also serves as a reference for veterans in the field.

chapter |40 pages

Tip-Enhanced Spectroscopy at the Nanoscale: Its Practical Issues and Solutions

ByNorihiko Hayazawa, Taka-aki Yano

chapter |51 pages

Micro- and Nanoscale Structures/Systems and Their Applications in Certain Directions: A Brief Review

ByP.K. Choudhury, Krishna Kanti Dey, Saurabh Basu

chapter |38 pages

Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymer-Based Nanocomposite Dielectrics with Tailored Interfaces and Structured Spatial Distribution of Fillers

ByG. Polizos, E. Tuncer, V. Tomer, I. Sauers, C.A. Randall, E. Manias

chapter |47 pages

Nanoscale Spectroscopy with Applications to Chemistry

ByUfana Riaz, S.M. Ashraf

chapter |64 pages

Nanostructure Evaluation of Ionic Liquid Aggregates by Spectroscopy

ByClarissa P. Frizzo, Aniele Z. Tier, Izabelle M. Gindri, Lilian Buriol, Marcos A. Villetti, Nilo Zanatta, Marcos A.P. Martins

chapter |40 pages

Nanoscale Spectroscopy in the Infrared with Applications to Biology

ByEamonn Kennedy, Edward Yoxall, James Rice

chapter |41 pages

Spectral Self-Interference Fluorescence Microscopy to Study Conformation of Biomolecules with Nanometer Accuracy

ByXirui Zhang, Philipp S. Spuhler, David S. Freedman, M. Selim Ünlü

chapter |51 pages

fMRI and Nanotechnology

ByAditi Deshpande, George C. Giakos

chapter |34 pages

Review of Nanoscale Spectroscopy in Medicine

ByChintha C. Handapangoda, Saeid Nahavandi, Malin Premaratne

chapter |29 pages

Nanoscale Spectroscopy for Defense and National Security

ByAditi Deshpande, Mohit Agarwal, Suman Shrestha, George C. Giakos