Take Part in the Future of Wireless/Wireline Convergence
The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), established as the foundation for future wireless and wireline convergence, is the bedrock that will facilitate easy deployment on new, rich, personalized multimedia communication services that mix telecom and data services. Designers, planners, and researchers of communication systems will need to make full use of the technology occurring with this convergence if they want to be the ones providing end users with new and efficient services that are as cost-effective as they are innovative.

To provide researchers and technicians with the tools they need to optimize their role in this communication revolution, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Handbook presents all the technical aspects of the IMS needed to support the growth of digital traffic and the implementation of underlying networks. This guide covers everything from basic concepts to research-grade material, including the future direction of the architecture. Organized in three sections, the book brings together the technical savvy of 50 pioneering experts from around the world, providing complete coverage of relevant concepts, technologies, and services.

Learn How IMS Will Speed Innovation
Filling the gap between existing traditional telecommunications and Internet technologies, IMS has led to an environment in which new services and concepts are introduced more quickly than ever before, such as reusable service components and real-time integration. The technology promises to be a cost-effective evolutionary path to future wireless and wireline convergences that will meet next-generation service requirements.

part |2 pages

Section 1 Concepts

chapter 1|24 pages

IMS Service, Models, and Concepts

ByEmmanuel Bertin, Noël Crespi

chapter 2|46 pages

IMS—A Secure Architecture for All IP Networks

ByMuhammad Sher, Thomas Magedanz

chapter 3|14 pages

Peer-to-Peer Features in the IP Multimedia Subsystem

ByAdetola Oredope, Antonio Liotta

chapter 4|24 pages

On the Support of Media Functions within the IMS

ByJean-Charles Grégoire, Admela Jukan

part |2 pages

Section 2 Technologies

chapter 5|20 pages

The FOKUS Open IMS Core—A Global IMS Reference Implementation

ByPeter Weik, Dragos Vingarzan, Thomas Magedanz

chapter 6|24 pages

Next-Generation Grid Support over the SIP/IMS Platform

ByVicente Olmedo, Antonio Cuevas, Victor Villagrá, José I. Moreno

chapter 7|12 pages

Policy-Based QoS Control for a Convergence Network

ByYounghan Kim and.Youngsuk Lee

chapter 8|22 pages

OSA Service Capability Server—Parlay/Parlay X

ByMoo Wan Kim and.Ryozo Ito

chapter 9|24 pages

Internetworking of 3GPP and WLAN and Wimax Networks

ByFangmin Xu, Luyong Zhang, Zheng Zhou, Wei Zhong

chapter 10|28 pages

IM-SSF Application Server—Interworking with CAMEL

ByMoo Wan Kim, Ryozo Ito

chapter 11|20 pages

Distributed IMS

ByMarcin Matuszewski

part |2 pages

Section 3 Services

chapter 12|42 pages

Service Delivery Platforms and Multimedia Service Design

ByChristopher J. Pavlovski

chapter 13|22 pages

The Integration of IMS into Service Delivery Platforms Based on Service-Oriented Architectures

ByNiklas Blum, Peter Weik, Thomas Magedanz

chapter 14|16 pages

Service Orchestration in IMS

ByAnahita Gouya, Noël Crespi

chapter 15|18 pages

Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS)

ByWhai-En Chen

chapter 16|20 pages

Multiparty Services in the IP Multimedia Subsystem

ByIván Vidal, Ignacio Soto, Francisco Valera, Jaime García, Arturo Azcorra

chapter 17|28 pages

IMS-Based Conferencing Services: An Engineering Approach

ByAlessandro Amirante, Tobia Castaldi, Lorenzo Miniero, Simon Pietro Romano

chapter 18|32 pages


ByOliver Friedrich, Stefan Arbanowski, Adel Al-Hezmi, Robert Seeliger

chapter 19|30 pages

IPTV Modeling and Architecture over IMS

ByDavid López, Eugen Mikoczy, José Ignacio Moreno, Antonio Cuevas, Enrique Vázquez

chapter 20|20 pages

SIP-Based Prepaid Application Server

ByMario Weber

chapter 21|16 pages

JAIN SLEE Platforms for IMS Application Servers

ByIgor Vukomanović

chapter 22|22 pages

Role of OSS/BSS in the Success of IMS

ByJithesh Sathyan