Speckle study constitutes a multidisciplinary area with inherent complexities. In order to conquer challenges such as the variability of samples and sensitive measurements, researchers must develop a theoretical and statistical understanding of both biological and non-biological metrology using dynamic speckle laser.

Dynamic Laser Speckle and Applications discusses the main methodologies used to analyze biospeckle phenomena with a strong focus on experimentation. After establishing a theoretical background in both speckle and biospeckle, the book presents the main methodologies for statistical and image analysis. It then deals with the concept of frequency decomposition before moving on to a discussion of fuzzy methods to treat dynamic speckle data. The book dedicates two sections to applications, including agricultural approaches. Additional features include photo images of experiments and software to aid in easy start-up of dynamic speckle usage.

A systematic approach to new dynamic speckle laser phenomena, this book provides the physical theory and statistical background needed to analyze images formed by laser illumination in biological and non-biological samples.

chapter 1|19 pages

The Speckle Phenomenon

ByNéstor Gustavo Gaggioli, Juan Antonio Pomarico

chapter 2|31 pages

Dynamic Speckle

Origin and Features
ByMarcelo Trivi

chapter 3|42 pages

Speckle and Dynamic Speckle Phenomena

Theoretical and Numerical Models
ByMaría Fernanda Ruiz Gale, Elsa Noemí Hogert, Néstor Gustavo Gaggioli, Hector Jorge Rabal, Antônio Tavares da Costa Júnior

chapter 4|19 pages

Methods of Dynamic Speckle Analysis

Statistical Analysis
ByRicardo Arizaga

chapter 5|22 pages

Activity Images

Generalized Differences, Fujii’s, LASCA, and Related Methods
ByHector Jorge Rabal

chapter 6|32 pages

Frequency Analysis

ByLucía Isabel Passoni, Gonzalo Hernán, Gonzalo Hernán Sendra, Constancio Miguel Arizmendi

chapter 7|11 pages

Granular Computing in THSP Fuzzy Granular Analysis

ByAna Lucía Dai Pra, Lucía Isabel Passoni

chapter 8|40 pages

Applications in Biological Samples

ByRoberto A. Braga, Giovanni F. Rabelo, Joao Bosco Barreto Filho, Flávio M. Borém, Joelma Pereira, Mikiya Muramatsu, Inácio Maria Dal Fabbro

chapter 9|11 pages

Applications in Nonbiological Materials

ByHector Jorge Rabal, Roberto A Braga Jr., Marcelo Trivi

chapter 10|13 pages

Didactic Dynamic Speckle Software

ByMarlon Marcon, Roberto A. Braga

chapter 11|9 pages


ByHector Jorge Rabal, Roberto A. Braga