This volume of The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Third Edition focuses on computer aided design and design automation. In the first part of the book, international contributors address topics such as the modeling of circuit performances, symbolic analysis methods, numerical analysis methods, design by optimization, statistical design optimization, and physical design automation. In the second half of the text, they turn their attention to RF CAD, high performance simulation, formal verification, RTK behavioral synthesis, system-level design, an Internet-based micro-electronic design automation framework, performance modeling, and embedded computing systems design.

section I

Computer Aided Design and Optimization

chapter 1

Modeling of Circuit Performances

BySung-Mo Kang, Abhijit Dharchoudhury

chapter 2

Symbolic Analysis Methods

ByBenedykt S. Rodanski, Marwan M. Hassoun

chapter 3

Numerical Analysis Methods

ByAndrew T. Yang

chapter 4

Design by Optimization

BySachin S. Sapatnekar

chapter 5

Statistical Design Optimization

ByMaciej A. Styblinski

chapter 6

Physical Design Automation *

ByNaveed A. Sherwani

chapter 7

Design Automation Technology

ByAllen M. Dewey

chapter 8

Computer-Aided Analysis

ByJ. Gregory Rollins, Peter Bendix

chapter 9

Analog Circuit Simulation

ByJ. Gregory Rollins

part 2

Design Automation

chapter 10

Internet-Based Microelectronic Design Automation Framework

ByChung Moon-Jung, Heechul Kim

chapter 11

System-Level Design

ByAlice C. Parker, Yosef Tirat-Gefen, Suhrid A. Wadekar

chapter 12

Performance Modeling and Analysis Using VHDL and SystemC

ByRobert H. Klenke, Jonathan A. Andrews, James H. Aylor

chapter 14

Design Automation Technology Roadmap

ByDonald R. Cottrell