Featuring hundreds of illustrations and references, this volume in the third edition of the Circuits and Filters Handbook, provides the latest information on analog and VLSI circuits, omitting extensive theory and proofs in favor of numerous examples throughout each chapter. The first part of the text focuses on analog integrated circuits, presenting up-to-date knowledge on monolithic device models, analog circuit cells, high performance analog circuits, RF communication circuits, and PLL circuits. In the second half of the book, well-known contributors offer the latest findings on VLSI circuits, including digital systems, data converters, and systolic arrays.

part 1

Analog Integrated Circuits

chapter 1

Monolithic Device Models

ByBogdan M. Wilamowski, Guofu Niu, John Choma, Stephen I. Long, Nhat M. Nguyen, Martin A. Brooke

chapter 2

Analog Circuit Cells

ByKenneth V. Noren, John Choma, J. Trujillo, David G. Haigh, Bill Redman-White, Rahim Akbari-Dilmaghani, Mohammed Ismail, Shu-Chuan Huang, Chung-Chih Hung, Trond Saether

chapter 3

High-Performance Analog Circuits

ByChris Toumazou, Alison Payne, John Lidgey, Alicja Konczakowska, Bogdan M. Wilamowski

chapter 4

RF Communication Circuits

ByMichiel Steyaert, Wouter De Cock, Patrick Reynaert

chapter 5

PLL Circuits

ByMuh-Tian Shiue, Chomg-Kuang Wang

chapter 6

Synthesis of Reactance Pulse-Forming Networks

ByIgor M. Filanovsky

part 2

The VLSI Circuits

chapter 7

Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

ByRoland Priemer

chapter 8

Digital Circuits

ByJohn P. Uyemura, Robert C. Chang, Bing J. Sheu

chapter 9

Digital Systems

ByFestus Gail Gray, Wayne D. Grover, Josephine C. Chang, Bing J. Sheu, Roland Priemer, Rung Yao, Flavio Lorenzelli

chapter 10

Data Converters

ByBang-Sup Song, Ramesh Harjani