Upon its initial publication, the Handbook of Circuits and Filters broke new ground. It quickly became the resource for comprehensive coverage of issues and practical information that can be put to immediate use. Not content to rest on his laurels, editor Wai-kai Chen divided the second edition into volumes, making the information easily accessible and digestible. In the third edition, these volumes have been revised, updated, and expanded so that they continue to provide solid coverage of standard practices and enlightened perspectives on new and emerging techniques.

Feedback, Nonlinear, and Distributed Circuits draws together international contributors who discuss feedback amplifier theory and then move on to explore feedback amplifier configurations. They develop Bode’s feedback theory as an example of general feedback theory. The coverage then moves on to the importance of complementing numerical analysis with qualitative analysis to get a global picture of a circuit’s performance. After reviewing a wide range of approximation techniques and circuit design styles for discreet and monolithic circuits, the book presents a comprehensive description of the use of piecewise-linear methods in modeling, analysis, and structural properties of nonlinear circuits highlighting the advantages. It describes the circuit modeling in the frequency domain of uniform MTL based on the Telegrapher’s equations and covers frequency and time domain experimental characterization techniques for uniform and nonuniform multiconductor structures.

This volume will undoubtedly take its place as the engineer's first choice in looking for solutions to problems encountered in the analysis and behavior predictions of circuits and filters.

part I

Feedback Circuits

chapter 1

Feedback Amplifier Theory

ByJohn Choma

chapter 2

Feedback Amplifier Configurations

ByJohn Choma

chapter 3

General Feedback Theory

ByWai-Kai Chen

chapter 4

Network Functions and Feedback

ByWai-Kai Chen

chapter 5

Measurement of Return Difference

ByWai-Kai Chen

chapter 6

Multiple-Loop Feedback Amplifiers

ByWai-Kai Chen

part II

Nonlinear Circuits

chapter 7

Qualitative Analysis

ByMartin Hasler

chapter 8

Synthesis and Design of Nonlinear Circuits

ByAngel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Manuel Delgado-Restituto, Jose L. Huertas, F. Vidal

chapter 9

Representation, Approximation, and Identification

ByGuanrong Chen

chapter 10

Transformation and Equivalence

ByWolfgang Mathis

chapter 11

Piecewise-Linear Circuits and Piecewise-Linear Analysis

ByJoos Vandewalle, Lieven Vandenberghe

chapter 12


ByLindberg Erik

chapter 13

Cellular Neural Networks and Cellular Wave Computers

ByRoska Tamás, Zárandy Ákos, Rekeczky Csaba

chapter 14

Bifurcation and Chaos

ByMichael Peter Kennedy, Vandenberghe Lieven

part III

Distributed Circuits

chapter 15

Transmission Lines

ByThomas Koryu Ishii

chapter 16

Multiconductor Transmission Lines

ByDe Zutter Daniël, Martens Luc

chapter 17

Time and Frequency Domain Responses

ByLuc Martens, Daniël De Zutter

chapter 18

Distributed RC Networks

ByVladimír Székely

chapter 19

Synthesis of Distributed Circuits

ByThomas Koryu Ishii