Photonic technology promises much faster computing, massive parallel processing, and an evolutionary step in the digital age. The search continues for devices that will enable this paradigm, and these devices will be based on photonic crystals. Modeling is a key process in developing crystals with the desired characteristics and performance, and Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Crystals provides the electromagnetic-theoretical models that can be effectively applied to modeling photonic crystals and related optical devices.

The book supplies eight self-contained chapters that detail various analytical, numerical, and computational approaches to the modeling of scattering and guiding problems. For each model, the chapter begins with a brief introduction, detailed formulations of periodic structures and photonic crystals, and practical applications to photonic crystal devices. Expert contributors discuss the scattering matrix method, multipole theory of scattering and propagation, model of layered periodic arrays for photonic crystals, the multiple multipole program, the mode-matching method for periodic metallic structures, the method of lines, the finite-difference frequency-domain technique, and the finite-difference time-domain technique.

Based on original research and application efforts, Electromagnetic Theory and Applications for Photonic Crystals supplies a broad array of practical tools for analyzing and designing devices that will form the basis for a new age in computing.

chapter 1|46 pages

Scattering Matrix Method Applied to Photonic Crystals

ByDaniel Maystre, Stefan Enoch, Gérard Tayeb

chapter 2|76 pages

From Multipole Methods to Photonic Crystal Device Modeling

ByLindsay C. Botten, Ross C. McPhedran, C. Martijn de Sterke, Nicolae A. Nicorovici, Ara A. Asatryan, Geoffrey H. Smith, Timothy N. Langtry, Thomas P. White, David P. Fussell, Boris T. Kuhlmey

chapter 3|68 pages

Modeling of Photonic Crystals by Multilayered Periodic Arrays of Circular Cylinders

ByKiyotoshi Yasumoto, Hongting Jia

chapter 4|34 pages

Simulation and Optimization of Photonic Crystals Using the Multiple Multipole Program

ByChristian Hafner, Jasmin Smajic, Daniel Erni

chapter 5|70 pages

Mode-Matching Technique Applied to Metallic Photonic Crystals

ByHongting Jia, Kiyotoshi Yasumoto

chapter 6|56 pages

The Method of Lines for the Analysis of Photonic Bandgap Structures

ByReinhold Pregla, Stefan F. Helfert

chapter 8|44 pages

Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Applied to Photonic Crystals

ByHiroyoshi Ikuno, Yoshihiro Naka