It has long been the goal of engineers to develop tools that enhance our ability to do work, increase our quality of life, or perform tasks that are either beyond our ability, too hazardous, or too tedious to be left to human efforts. Autonomous mobile robots are the culmination of decades of research and development, and their potential is seemingly unlimited.

Roadmap to the Future
Serving as the first comprehensive reference on this interdisciplinary technology, Autonomous Mobile Robots: Sensing, Control, Decision Making, and Applications authoritatively addresses the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of the field. The book examines in detail the key components that form an autonomous mobile robot, from sensors and sensor fusion to modeling and control, map building and path planning, and decision making and autonomy, and to the final integration of these components for diversified applications.

Trusted Guidance
A duo of accomplished experts leads a team of renowned international researchers and professionals who provide detailed technical reviews and the latest solutions to a variety of important problems. They share hard-won insight into the practical implementation and integration issues involved in developing autonomous and open robotic systems, along with in-depth examples, current and future applications, and extensive illustrations.

For anyone involved in researching, designing, or deploying autonomous robotic systems, Autonomous Mobile Robots is the perfect resource.

part I|4 pages

Sensors and Sensor Fusion

chapter 1|36 pages

Visual Guidance for Autonomous Vehicles: Capability and Challenges

ByAndrew Shacklock, Jian Xu, Han Wang

chapter 3|50 pages

Data Fusion via Kalman Filter: GPS and INS

ByJingrong Cheng, Yu Lu, Elmer R. Thomas, Jay A. Farrell

chapter 4|38 pages

Landmarks and Triangulation in Navigation

ByHuosheng Hu, Julian Ryde, Jiali Shen

part II|42 pages

Modeling and Control

chapter 5|38 pages

Stabilization of Nonholonomic Systems

ByAlessandro Astolfi

chapter 6|38 pages

Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots

ByHong Fan, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Frank L. Lewis, Tong Heng Lee

chapter 7|28 pages

Adaptive Control of Mobile Robots Including Actuator Dynamics

ByZhuping Wang, Chun-Yi Su, Shuzhi Sam Ge

chapter 8|36 pages

Unified Control Design for Autonomous Car-Like Vehicle Tracking Maneuvers

ByDanwei Wang, Minhtuan Pham

part III|4 pages

Map Building and Path Planning

chapter 9|38 pages

Map Building and SLAM Algorithms

ByJosé A. Castellanos, José Neira, Juan D. Tardós

chapter 10|44 pages

Motion Planning: Recent Developments

ByHéctor H. González-Baños, David Hsu, Jean-Claude Latombe

chapter 11|44 pages

Multi-Robot Cooperation

ByRafael Fierro, Luiz Chaimowicz, Vijay Kumar

part IV|40 pages

Decision Making and Autonomy

chapter 12|35 pages

Knowledge Representation and Decision Making for Mobile Robots

ByElena Messina, Stephen Balakirsky

chapter 13|46 pages

Algorithms for Planning under Uncertainty in Prediction and Sensing

ByJason M. O’Kane, Benjamín Tovar, Peng Cheng, Steven M. LaValle

chapter 14|22 pages

Behavior-Based Coordination in Multi-Robot Systems

ByChris Jones, Maja J. Matarić

part V|2 pages

System Integration and Applications

chapter 15|40 pages

Integration for Complex Consumer Robotic Systems: Case Studies and Analysis

ByMario E. Munich, James P. Ostrowski, Paolo Pirjanian

chapter 16|42 pages

Automotive Systems/Robotic Vehicles

ByMichel R. Parent, Stéphane R. Petti

chapter 17|32 pages

Intelligent Systems

BySesh Commuri, James S. Albus, Anthony Barbera