International Perspectives on Primary Care Research examines how the evidence base from primary care research can strengthen health care services and delivery, tackle the growing burden of disease, improve quality and safety, and increase a person-centred focus to health care.

Demonstrating the inter-professional nature of the discipline, the book also features a section on cross-nation organisations and primary care networks supporting research. National perspectives are offered from researchers in 20 countries that form part of the World Organization of Family Doctors, providing case histories from research-rich to resource-poor nations that illustrate the range of research development and capacity building.

This book argues the importance of primary care research, especially to policy makers, decision makers and funders in informing best practice, training primary health care providers and achieving equitable distribution of care.

section 2|64 pages

The contribution of primary care research to health and health systems

chapter 7|11 pages


section 4|113 pages

Primary care research organisations

chapter 21|4 pages


part |8 pages

Cross-nation organisations

section 5|5 pages

National perspectives on primary care research

chapter 32|3 pages


part |15 pages

Europe Region

part |7 pages

Eastern Mediterranean Region

part |6 pages

South Asia Region

chapter 39|2 pages

Primary care research in India

chapter 40|2 pages

Primary care research in Pakistan

part |11 pages

Asia Pacific Region

part |12 pages

Africa Region

part |7 pages

North America Region

part |9 pages

Iberoamericana-CIMF * Region