The Third Edition of Ceramic Materials for Electronics studies a wide range of ceramic materials, including insulators, conductors, piezoelectrics, and ferroelectrics, through detailed discussion of their properties, characterization, fabrication, and applications in electronics. The author summarizes the latest trends and advancements in the field, and explores important topics such as ceramic thin film, functional device technology, and thick film technology. Edited by a leading expert on the subject, this new edition includes more than 150 pages of new information; restructured reference materials, figures, and tables; as well as additional device application-oriented segments.

chapter 1|86 pages

Ceramic Insulators

ByRelva C. Buchanan

chapter 2|54 pages

Highly Conductive Ceramics

ByHarry L. Tuller

chapter 3|55 pages

Ceramic Capacitor Materials

ByThomas G. Reynolds HI and Relva C. Buchanan

chapter 196|11 pages

Reynolds and Buchanan

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chapter 4|22 pages

Piezoelectric and Electro-optic Ceramics

University of Missouri-Rolla Missouri, U.S.A.
ByRobert W. Schwartz, John Ballato, Gene H. Haertling

chapter |78 pages


chapter |7 pages

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chapter |9 pages


Combining this expression with Eq. (D10), we can derive an expression for the second partial of the Gibbs energy when the order of differentiation is first with respect to field, then with respect to stress. The resulting expression is: (D12) Therefore, we may write that

chapter 5|54 pages

Ferrite Ceramics

ByRong-Fuh Louh, Thomas G. Reynolds III, and Relva C. Buchanan

chapter 6|88 pages

Ceramic Sensors

Texas Instruments Incorporated Massachusetts, U.S.A.
ByBernard M. Kulwicki, Stanley J. Lukasiewicz, Savithri Subramanyam, Ahmed Amin, Harry L. Tuller

chapter 8|62 pages

Electroceramic Thin Films for Microelectronics and Microsystems

ByA. Kingon, P. Murait, N. Setter, R. Waser

chapter 9|54 pages

Ceramic Thick-Films Process and Materials

DuPont Electronic Technologies Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, U.S.A.
ByWilliam Borland

chapter 10|62 pages

Multilayer Ceramic Technology

ByWolfram Wersing, Oliver Dernovsek