The latest 4th edition of the international standard on the principles of reliability for load bearing structures (ISO2394:2015) includes a new Annex D dedicated to the reliability of geotechnical structures. The emphasis in Annex D is to identify and characterize critical elements of the geotechnical reliability-based design process. This book contains a wealth of data and information to assist geotechnical engineers with the implementation of semi-probabilistic or full probabilistic design approaches within the context of established geotechnical knowledge, principles, and experience.

The introduction to the book presents an overview on how reliability can play a complementary role within prevailing norms in geotechnical practice to address situations where some measured data and/or past experience exist for limited site-specifi c data to be supplemented by both objective regional data and subjective judgment derived from comparable sites elsewhere. The principles of reliability as presented in ISO2394:2015 provides the common basis for harmonization of structural and geotechnical design. The balance of the chapters describes the uncertainty representation of geotechnical design parameters, the statistical characterization of multivariate geotechnical data and model factors, semi-probabilistic and direct probability-based design methods in accordance to the outline of Annex D.

This book elaborates and reinforces the goal of Annex D to advance geotechnical reliability-based design with geotechnical needs at the forefront while complying with the general principles of reliability given by ISO2394:2015. It serves as a supplementary reference to Annex D and it is a must-read for designing geotechnical structures in compliance with ISO2394:2015.

chapter 1|32 pages

Reliability as a basis for geotechnical design

ByKok-Kwang Phoon

chapter 2|16 pages

General principles on reliability according to ISO2394

ByJohan V. Retief, Mahongo Dithinde, Kok-Kwang Phoon

chapter 3|40 pages

Uncertainty representation of geotechnical design parameters

ByKok-Kwang Phoon, Widjojo A. Prakoso, Yu Wang, Jianye Ching

chapter 4|38 pages

Statistical characterization of multivariate geotechnical data

ByJianye Ching, Dian-Qing Li, Kok-Kwang Phoon

chapter 5|32 pages

Statistical characterization of model uncertainty

ByMahongo Dithinde, Kok-Kwang Phoon, Jianye Ching, Limin Zhang, Johan V. Retief

chapter 6|34 pages

Semi-probabilistic reliability-based design

ByKok-Kwang Phoon, Jianye Ching

chapter 7|34 pages

Direct probability-based design methods

ByYu Wang, Timo Schweckendiek, Wenping Gong, Tengyuan Zhao, Kok-Kwang Phoon