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Sarcopenia—the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with advancing age—is a major health challenge, particularly in North America, Europe, and Japan, which have large aging populations. This compendium volume is a valuable addition to the existing literature, providing state-of-the-art information on the most effective prevention and treatment options. Included are research articles on nutrition management and the prevention of sarcopenia; protein therapy for sarcopenia; effect of exercise on sarcopenia; and other therapeutic strategies, including antioxidants and steroids.

part 1|66 pages

How Nutrition and Other Factors Relate to Sarcopenia

chapter 1|13 pages

Nutrition and Sarcopenia

A Review of the Evidence and Implications for Preventive Strategies
BySibn Robinson, Cyrus Cooper, Avan Aihie Sayer

chapter 2|16 pages

Malnutrition-Sarcopenia Syndrome

Is This the Future of Nutrition Screening and Assessment for Older Adults?
ByMaurits F. J. Vandewoude, Carolyn J. Alish, Abby C. Sauer, Refaat A. Hegazi

chapter 3|32 pages

Novel Insights on Nutrient Management of Sarcopenia in Elderly

ByMariangela Rondanelli, Milena Faliva, Francesca Monteferrario, Gabriella Peroni, Erica Repaci, Francesca Allieri, Simone Perna

part II|116 pages

Protein and Exercise

chapter 5|18 pages

Insulinotropic and Muscle Protein Synthetic Effects of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Potential Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes and Sarcopenia
ByRalph J. Manders, Jonathan P. Little, Scott C. Forbes, Darren G. Candow

chapter 6|22 pages

Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis Following Ingestion of Soy Protein Isolate at Rest and After Resistance Exercise in Elderly Men

ByYifan Yang, Tyler A. Churchward-Venne, Nicholas A. Burd, Leigh Breen, Mark A. Tarnopolsky, Stuart M. Phillips

chapter 8|36 pages

The Pleiotropic Effect of Physical Exercise on Mitochondrial Dynamics in Aging Skeletal Muscle

ByElena Barbieri, Deborah Agostini, Emanuela Polidori, Lucia Potenza, Michele Guescini, Francesco Lucertini, Giosuè Annibalini, Laura Stocchi, Mauro De Santi, Vilberto Stocchi

part III|86 pages

Other Therapeutic Strategies

chapter 9|24 pages

Novel Intriguing Strategies Attenuating to Sarcopenia

ByKunihiro Sakuma, Akihiko Yamaguchi

chapter 10|12 pages

Muscle Wasting and Resistance of Muscle Anabolism: The “Anabolic Threshold Concept” for Adapted Nutritional Strategies during Sarcopenia

ByDominique Dardevet, Didier Rémond, Marie-Agnés Peyron, Isabelle Papet, Isabelle Savary-Auzeloux, Laurent Mosoni

chapter 11|18 pages

Rationale for Antioxidant Supplementation in Sarcopenia

ByFrancesco Cerullo, Giovanni Gambassi, Matteo Cesari

chapter 12|30 pages

Sarcopenia and Androgens: A Link Between Pathology and Treatment

ByCarla Basualto-AlarcÓN, Diego Varela, Javier Duran, Rodrigo Maass, Manuel Estrada