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Sarcopenia—the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with advancing age—is a major health challenge, particularly in North America, Europe, and Japan, which have large aging populations. This compendium volume is a valuable addition to the existing literature, providing state-of-the-art information on the most effective prevention and treatment options. Included are research articles on nutrition management and the prevention of sarcopenia; protein therapy for sarcopenia; effect of exercise on sarcopenia; and other therapeutic strategies, including antioxidants and steroids.

part I|66 pages

How Nutrition and Other Factors Relate to Sarcopenia

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

Nutrition and Sarcopenia

A Review of the Evidence and Implications for Preventive Strategies

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Malnutrition-Sarcopenia Syndrome

Is This the Future of Nutrition Screening and Assessment for Older Adults?

part II|116 pages

Protein and Exercise

chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

Insulinotropic and Muscle Protein Synthetic Effects of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Potential Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes and Sarcopenia

part III|86 pages

Other Therapeutic Strategies