Recent Methodology in Chemical Sciences provides an eclectic survey of contemporary problems in experimental, theoretical, and applied chemistry. This book covers recent trends in research with the different domain of the chemical sciences. The chapters, written by knowledgeable researchers, provide different insights to the modern-day research in the domain of spectroscopy, plasma modification, and theoretical and computational analysis of chemical problems. It covers descriptions of experimental techniques, discussions on theoretical modeling, and much more.

chapter Chapter 2|22 pages

Role of Hydrophobicity of Some Single- and Double-Chain Surfactant–Cobalt(III) Complexes on the Interaction with Bovine Serum Albumin

BySelvakumar Veeralakshmi, Selvan Nehru, Sankaralingam Arunachalam

chapter Chapter 3|23 pages

A Review on the Selective Synthesis of Spiro Heterocycles Through 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Azomethine Ylides

ByAnshu Dandia, Sukhbeer Kumari, Shuchi Maheshwari, Pragya Soni

chapter Chapter 4|33 pages

Recent Trends in Plasma Chemistry and Spectroscopy Diagnostics

ByRam Prakash

chapter Chapter 5|40 pages

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Substituted and Fused β-Carbolines from 1-Formyl-9H-β-Carboline Scaffolds

ByNisha Devi, Ravindra K. Rawal, Virender Singh

chapter Chapter 6|31 pages

Plasma Chemistry as a Tool for Eco-Friendly Processing of Cotton Textile

ByHemen Dave, Lalita Ledwani, S. K. Nema

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

Ligand-Free Palladium Nanoparticles Catalyzed Hiyama Cross-Coupling of Aryl and Heteroaryl Halides in Ionic Liquids

ByChanchal Premi, Ananya Srivastava, Nidhi Jain

chapter Chapter 8|10 pages

Acyclic and Macrocyclic Schiff Base-Based Chelating Ligands for Uranyl Ion (Uo2 2+) Complexation

BySumman Swami, Rahul Shrivastava

chapter Chapter 10|7 pages

Effect of PGRS in Vitro Callus Culture for Production of Secondary Metabolites

ByJitendra Mittal, Madan Mohan Sharma, Abhijeet Singh, Amla Batra

chapter Chapter 11|12 pages

Density Functional Theory (DFT): Periodic Advancement and New Challenges

ByAmrit Sarmah

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

Asbestos, the Carcinogen, and Its Bioremediation

ByShabori Bhattacharya, Lalita Ledwani, P. J. John

chapter Chapter 13|7 pages

Eco-Friendly Products as Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum–A Review

ByRekha N. Nair, Sharad Bohra

chapter Chapter 14|11 pages

Role of Catalyst Particles in the Vertical Alignment of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition

ByVed Prakash Arya, V. Prasad, P. S. Anil Kumar

chapter Chapter 16|23 pages

A Survey of QSAR Studies

BySeema Dhail, Tanmoy Chakrborty, Lalita Ledwani

chapter Chapter 17|32 pages

Lead Toxicity and Flavonoids

ByAmrish Chandra, Deepali Saxena

chapter Chapter 18|9 pages

A Theoretical Analysis of Bimetallic Ag–Aun (N = 1–7) Nanoalloy Clusters Invoking DFT-Based Descriptors

ByPrabhat Ranjan, Srujana Venigalla, Ajay Kumar, Tanmoy Chakraborty

chapter Chapter 19|9 pages

Study of Pesticide Residue in Vegetables and Fruits in India: A Review

BySanjan Choudhary, Nitu Bhatnagar