The aim of food processing is to produce food that is palatable and tastes good, extend its shelf-life, increase the variety, and maintain the nutritional and healthcare quality of food. To achieve favorable processing conditions and for the safety of the food to be consumed, use of food grade microbial enzymes or microbes (being the natural biocatalysts) is imperative.

This book discusses the uses of enzymes in conventional and non-conventional food and beverage processing as well as in dairy processing, brewing, bakery and wine making. Apart from conventional uses, the development of bioprocessing tools and techniques have significantly expanded the potential for extensive application of enzymes such as in production of bioactive peptides, oligosaccharides and lipids, flavor and colorants. Some of these developments include extended use of the biocatalysts (as immobilized/encapsulated enzymes), microbes (both natural and genetically modified) as sources for bulk enzymes, solid state fermentation technology for enzyme production. Extremophiles and marine microorganisms are another source of food grade enzymes. The book throws light on potential applications of microbial enzymes to expand the base of food processing industries.

part 1|18 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Microbial Enzymes in Food Applications

History of Progress
BySwati S. Mishra, Ramesh C. Ray, Cristina M. Rosell, Debabrata Panda

part 2|250 pages

Characterization, Production and Applications of Microbial Enzymes

chapter 2|25 pages

Insight of the α-Amylase Family of Enzymes

Endo- and Exo-Acting α, 1-4 Hydrolases
ByMario M. Martinez, Manuel Gómez

chapter 3|23 pages

Starch-active Debranching and α-Glucanotransferase Enzymes

ByMario M. Martinez, Manuel Gómez

chapter 4|16 pages

Glucose Isomerising Enzymes

BySavitha S. Desai, Dhanashree B. Gachhi, Basavaraj S. Hungund

chapter 5|17 pages

Sucrose Transforming Enzymes

Hydrolysis and Isomerization
ByB.S. Harish, Kiran Babu Uppuluri

chapter 6|19 pages

Sucrose Transforming Enzymes

Transfructosylation and Transglycosylation
ByKiran Babu Uppuluri, B.S. Harish

chapter 7|24 pages

β-Galactosidases for Lactose Hydrolysis and Galactooligosaccharide Synthesis

ByFrancisco J. Plou, Julio Polaina, Julia Sanz-Aparicio, María Fernández-Lobato

chapter 8|17 pages

Pectinases and their Biotechnological Applications

ByAnuja Vohra, Reena Gupta

chapter 9|18 pages


ByOlga Luisa Tavano

chapter 10|19 pages

Microbial Transglutaminase and Applications in Food Industry

ByMarek Kieliszek, Stanisław Błażejak

chapter 11|15 pages

Microbial Milk Coagulants

ByEkaterini Moschopoulou

chapter 12|27 pages

Lipase Properties, Functions and Food Applications

ByMaria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi, Cristiani Baldo, Marcelo Rodrigues de Melo, Fabiana Guillen Moreira Gasparin, Thiago Andrade Marques, Márcio de Barros

chapter 13|14 pages

Types, Structure, Applications and Future Outlook

ByBalwinder Singh Sooch, Baljinder Singh Kauldhar, Munish Puri

part 3|91 pages

Microbial Enzymes in Food Fermentation

chapter 15|24 pages

Role of Intrinsic and Supplemented Enzymes in Brewing and Beer Properties

BySergio O. Serna-Saldivar, Monica Rubio-Flores

chapter 16|20 pages

Enzymes in Baking

ByAngela Dura, Cristina M. Rosell

chapter 17|18 pages

Enzymes in Winemaking

ByJosé Manuel Rodriguez-Nogales, Encarnación Fernández-Fernández, Josefina Vila-Crespo

chapter 18|14 pages

Microbial Linamarase in Cassava Fermentation

BySudhanshu S. Behera, Ramesh C. Ray

chapter 19|13 pages

Enzymes in Dairy Processing

ByAshok Kumar Mohanty, Pradip Behare

part 4|142 pages

Advancement in Microbial Enzyme Technology

chapter 20|12 pages

Recombinant Enzymes in the Meat Industry and the Regulations of Recombinant Enzymes in Food Processing

ByKelly Dong, Yapa A. Himeshi Samarasinghe, Wenjing Hua, Leah Kocherry, Jianping Xu

chapter 21|21 pages

Recombinant Enzymes Used in Fruit and Vegetable Juice Industry

ByYapa A. Himeshi Samarasinghe, Wenjing Hua, Kelly Dong, Leah Kocherry, Jianping Xu

chapter 22|24 pages

Marine Microbial Enzymes in Food Application

ByArunachalam Chinnathambi, Chandrasekaran Muthusamy

chapter 23|17 pages

Extremophiles as Potential Resource for Food Processing Enzymes

ByArchana Sharma, T. Satyanarayana

chapter 24|15 pages

Production of Microbial Enzymes by Solid-state Fermentation for Food Applications

ByQuentin Carboué, Marie-Stéphane Tranier, Isabelle Perraud-Gaime, Sevastianos Roussos

chapter 25|17 pages

Scaling-up and Modelling Applications of Solid-state Fermentation and Demonstration in Microbial Enzyme Production Related to Food Industries

An Overview
BySteve C.Z. Desobgo, Swati S. Mishra, Sunil K. Behera, Sandeep K. Panda

chapter 26|34 pages

Enzyme Encapsulation Technologies and their Applications in Food Processing

BySteva Lević, Verica Đorđević, Zorica Knežević-Jugović, Ana Kalušević, Nikola Milašinović, Branko Bugarski, Viktor Nedović